USA Advances to Final of Connolly Cup; Austria, Dubler, Bueno, Court, Young and Perry Cups in Rain Delay

Friday 4pm Update: USA Advances to Final in Connolly Cup

The USA Connolly Cup team advanced to the final behind the strong singles play of Susan Wright and Diane Barker. Wright won easily at #2 and Barker then took the court to play a highly anticipated match against Australian Ros Balodis, who almost single-handedly beat the USA Bueno Cup team in 2012. In fact, last year she was ahead 64 50 and rallied to win…this time she only rallied to win…one game at that juncture. Diane won 64 61 and didn’t allow her talented opponent to get to the net. The conditions were heavy and cool and it began raining almost as soon as the match finished. Tina Karwasky/Pat Purcell then took the court to play the doubles and split sets and just started the third when play was called.

The USA Austria Cup team is playing Germany. Germany won the first match against USA when Peter Markes lost a very well played match in three sets. His captain, Mark Vines was extremely complimentary of Peter’s consistency and fight against the world #5. Vines was up a set and 1/0 when play was suspended (now till at least 5pm local time).

The USA Dubler Cup team is playing Italy. Eoin Collins at #2 lost a tough two setter and JeffTarango was up a set and on serve in the second when play was suspended due to rain.

The USA Bueno Cup team is playing Czech Republic. Tracy Houk fell at #2 singles to a very good Czech player. Ros Nideffer is on court with Barbora Koutna, who took out Chris French in about 4 hours yesterday. They are tied at 6-6 in the first set. (Nail biting time for onlookers at least!)

The USA Perry Cup team is playing Gr. Britain. Thomas Schlack won at #2 singles but Mike Tammen lost his first match all week at #1 singles, so the team is getting ready to play the decisive doubles point.

The Young Cup team is down 1/0 against Argentina in the 7/8 playoff. Stephanie Stone lost at #2 singles in straight sets and Debbie Higa will go on when the weather improves at #1 singles.

The Trabert Cup teams both lost both singles; the doubles wasn’t played. They lost to Czech Republic; Daniel Marting lost at #2 and Carsten Hoffmann lost at #1. The team plays Turkey tomorrow in the 14/15 place playoff.

The Italia Cup lost 2/0 to Australia. Justin Touchstone had a tough three setter at #2 and Gabriel Venter lost in straight sets at #1. The team finished 12th.


Barker, Diane Eoin Collins Houk, Tracy Peter Markes Nideffer, Ros Schlack, Thomas Jeff Tarango...he made this volley, won the point, got the break

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