USA Lenglen and Dubler Cup Teams Advance in Croatia on Day 2; USA Young, Italia and Trabert Cup Teams Fall on Monday

The USA had a tough day on the court on Day 2, Monday, in Croatia. But in the ITF team competitions, a team is never done till the last day of the competition, so there’s plenty of tennis ahead.

The USA Dubler Cup team (M45), despite having lost 50% of its team to injuries (Kam Kuchta pulled a hamstring and left; Ricardo Mena who is the #1 player strained a quad but is hopeful of a return later in the week and is busy cheering on the team…and hoping his luggage arrives. Based on past experience, I think his hopes of returning to health are higher.) Despite these setbacks, Eoin Collins, now promoted to #1 and Willie Dann, promoted to #2, won easily against Switzerland today, making the watching less stressful to Willie’s spouse Robin Dann.They play So Africa tomorrow and have a good chance of advancing to the quarters against the Netherlands. They have the possibility of playing six days in a row with only two players. Dan here is warming up for his match by sweeping the court.

Willie Dann sweeping the court

The USA Lenglen Cup team also won today, beating South Africa 3/0. Nancy Hilliard made her singles debut, giving Kaysie Smashey a well deserved rest and Nancy won 60 60. The team plays Great Britain tomorrow. GBR lost 2/1 to Slovenia today. If the USA wins tomorrow they advance to the semis.

 USA vs RSA Day 2, Lenglen

The Margaret Court Cup team (W45) had the day off. Alissa Finerman and Julie Cass went sightseeing. The team plays Uruguay tomorrow. Uruguay was a 3/0 winner today over Switzerland, so the winner of that match advances to the semifinals on Thursday.

Julie Alissa touring Day 2

The USA Young Cup (W40) team fell to Italy 3/0. Italy’s #2 beat Simona Bruetting in straight sets at #2 singles, but Jennifer Dawson fought to the end at #1 singles, losing 16 63 64. It had rained earlier in the day and the courts at Punta where they are playing are pretty soft and heavy. It’s just a different game on red clay. Simona Bruetting and Trish Riddell fell in doubles.

Young Cup vs Italy Day 2


The USA Italia Cup (M35) team played its first match today, having had a bye yesterday and had the unfortunate draw of playing #1 seeded Spain in their first match. Ross Duncan nearly pulled off an upset, losing 64 in the third at #2 singles but Marcio Pepe was blanked at #1 singles. Mark Tepes/Alex Wong (making his Cup debut) lost the doubles point. The Italia Cup team plays Turkey tomorrow and should they win will finish second in their group and vie for 7th place in the knockout rounds.

Italia Cup day 2 duncan Pepe tepes wong

The USA Trabert Cup team (M40) had almost as tough a draw as the Italia Cup team..their first match was against #2 seeded France and they fell 2/1, with Chris Groer at #2 and Tony Bujan at #1 dropping the singles points. Both were making their Cup debuts. Groer/Jared Jacobs though won the doubles point. They play Ireland tomorrow. Should they win, they will also vie for 7th in the 7-12th place playoff.

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