USA Remains Undefeated after Two Days of Play

The USA won 3/0 in the Bitsy Grant Cup (men’s 75) over Argentina and also won 3/0 against Argentina in the Althea Gibson Cup (women’s 70).




It was a really hot and humid day again with the “feels like” temperature hovering around 100…humidity will do that to you. However, the players are resilient and smart, pacing themselves so that no one fell ill.

The day started with the exciting finish to the Austria/France Men’s 65 match. Harald Hellmonseder (AUT) was up 63 54 40-15 last night as the skies threatened. Bruno Renoult (FRA) saved the first match point with a net cord. On the next point Harald faulted and then it started POURING down rain. They resumed play at 8:30 today. And on the second match point, Bruno hit a second net cord winner on a passing shot! Harald hit and ace but match point #3 came and went, but it was 4th time lucky, as the Austrian was successful with a serve and volley to seal the upset over #2 seeded France. Austria beat Mexico later in the day but the #1 singles was a three setter.


Most of the seeds were off today except for those in groups of four.

Here’s some photos from today’s matches.


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