USA Wins Mulloy Cup

USA clinched the Gardnar Mulloy Cup win when George McCabe won the #2 singles point for the USA against Canada. Lorne Main from Canada took the #1 singles point when USA’s Tussell Seymour retired down a set and down in the second set, with a sore knee. Main and Kpen Reardon are playing Mel Lewis/Jack Bradshaw in the doubles.

The USA men’s 70 team won the #2 singles point against Gr Britain, but trail at #1 singles, it will likely come down to the doubles. They are playing for the bronze.

The USA men’s 60 team is playing Australia. Brian Cheney beat Ray Bray 46 62 64, in just under 3 hours and Larry Turville is on court now with Andrew Rae. These teams are playing for the von Cramm Cup.

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