USA Wins Young, Court and Bueno Cups; Dubler& Lenglen Teams in Final

The USA won three of the four women’s cups awarded today, the women’s 40 (Young), 45 (Court) and 50 (Bueno). They were also finalists in the women’s 55’s (Connolly).
Gretchen Magers led the Young Cup team to victory, winning her singles 64 76 and then combining with Renata Marcinkowska to win the deciding doubles match 60 61 to retain the Young Cup. Hy Yorke and Marianna Hollman rounded out the Young Cup quartet. According to her teammates, Gretchen played brilliantly all day, especially in the doubles.
Susan Wright and Fran Chandler had closed Friday tied at 2-2 in the third set of the deciding doubles match  with the Ros Balodis-led Australian team. They then had to wait till Australia played France today before they could finish the match, which if won by the Americans, would assure them a Cup win. They did win that set and regained the Court Cup, which they last won in 2004, from Australia. Tracy Houk had won the #2 singles match while Susan Wright was narrowly defeated by Ros Balodis 76 in the third. Kathy Vick was also a member of the team.
USA also beat Australia in the Bueno Cup, 3-0. Carolyn Nichols won the #2 singles match against Kerry Young, fending off a barrage of huge serves in the 2nd set. Tina Karwasky played a flawless match to beat Lyn Mortimer, the #1 Aussie 63 60, hitting winners from the back court and at net and moving beautifully and also serving big. She was never pressed hard this week. Sherri Bronson and Mary Ginnard completed the sweep with a straight set win over Young and Sue Walter.
USA lost in the finals of the Connolly Cup, 55s, to Australia, 2-1, winning at #2 singles, dropping the #1 singles match in 3 sets, then losing the doubles to the defending world champs, Liz Allen/Kerry Ballard.  
USA came in 4th in the Italia Cup, narrowly losing to the Netherlands 2-1, with the match going down to the third set of the doubles, which Netherlands won 7-5.
USA won the playoff in the Trabert Cup, 40s, and so finished 3rd.
USA played the semis of the 45s and won today and play the finals tomorrow.
USA came in 2nd in the 55s.
I don’t know what happened in the men’s 50s in PietersMaritzburg today.

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