USTA Points Awarded for ITF Individual World Championships in Lake Nona and Miami!

The USTA has announced that USTA ranking points will be awarded for  the ITF Senior World Championships played in Miami and for the ITF Super Senior World Championships played at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona, Florida. Points will be awarded for men’s and women’s singles and doubles. Mixed doubles points are not awarded because there are no USTA rankings for mixed doubles.

The points awarded will be equivalent to USTA Category I ranking points (10x, with 1000 points going to the event winner). Gold balls will NOT be awarded for these events and they do not count as a Category I tournament for meeting the minimum play requirement for qualifying for a USA international team (though the results may  be considered when selecting the 2018 teams).

Only USTA members who are USA citizens or residents will receive ranking points.

The ITF awards international ranking points for the world championships separately. The awarding of USTA ranking points is separate and does not affect the awarding of ITF ranking points.


Super Seniors: October 14-21, 2017

Seniors: November 4-11, 2017

Age Divisions:

Super Seniors: M/W 65/70/75/80/85, S/D/Mxd (No USTA ranking points for mixed)

Seniors: M/W 50/55/60, S/D/Mxd (no USTA ranking points for mixed)

Entry Deadline:

Super Seniors: Wednesday September 3rd, 2017 at 2pm British time (9am EDT/6am PDT)

Seniors: TBA

Fact Sheets (with information on how to enter, how to pay, venues, hotels etc.)

Super Seniors: Click here to see the fact sheet.

How to enterPlayers must have an IPIN to enter. If you do not have an IPIN do not wait till the last minute to enter, get your IPIN now!

Super Seniors: See the fact sheet

Seniors: Fact sheet not yet available, but will be posted her, at and at when available (and here).

Who can play?

Anyone who is in good standing with their national association (see fact sheet for further details). However, qualifying may be necessary if draws exceed 128 for singles or 64 for doubles/mixed.  See the fact sheet for further details.

Questions about USTA ranking points? Email

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