2013 Seniors Cup Draws & Results

all usa teams good-002


Suzanne Lenglen Cup, Women’s 35 (USA is the third seed and is in group D)

Young Cup, Women’s 40 (USA is the third seed)

Margaret Court Cup, Women’s 45 (USA is Group B, the 2nd seed)

Maria Bueno Cup, Women’s 50 (USA is Group A, the top seed)

Maureen Connolly Cup, Women’s 55 (USA is Group A, the top seed; if they win their group they have a potentially tricky semifinal against Australia)


Italia Cup, Men’s 35 (USA is the 4th seed, and is in Group C)

Tony Trabert Cup, Men’s 40 (USA is seeded #2 and is in Group B)

Dubler Cup, Men’s 45 (USA is the second seed, Group B)

Fred Perry Cup, Men’s 50 (USA is the top seed, and is in Group A)

Austria Cup, Men’s 55 (USA is the top seed and is in Group A)


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  1. Will be awaiting results and hope every Cup Team plays well. thanks for your updates. rita

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