Cup Team Updates: USA Wins Bueno and Connolly Cups

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Final Update with photos.

Saturday Night: USA came in second in the Dubler Cup. Tarango lost at #1 singles in straight sets and the doubles wasn’t played, France won 2/0. USA was also second in the Austria Cup.They completed a win over Germany 2/1, winning the doubles in three sets, and Peter Markes won the first match against Great Britain in the final in three sets. Mark Vines then lost to Paul French in a battle of the #2 and #1 players in the ITF world rankings. #1, French, won in straight sets, holding off a set point in the first set. Wesley Cash/Sal Castillo played the doubles and lost in straight sets.

The USA Lenglen Cup team beat Switzerland 2/0 to win the bronze.

The USA Perry Cup team beat Germany to finish seventh.

Saturday Noon Update: USA down 1/0 in Dubler Cup (Mario Tabares lost 76 in the third to France after having 2 match points at 6-5, GREAT match); USA into final in Austria Cup against Gr. Britain with 3 set win in doubles over Germany (had match point in 2nd set); USA up 1/0 in Connolly (Susan Wright loses 5-2 second set lead but fights off 5 set points to win on 4th match point), Perry & Lenglen Cups. USA down 1/0 in Bueno Cup. Court Cup fell 2/0 to Argentina. Breezy, cool weather, but dry and sunny.

Friday Night Update: USA Advances to Final in Dubler, Connolly and Bueno Cups; Austria Cup Tied at 1/1, to be finished 9am Saturday.

Friday: 4pm Update, USA Advances to Final in Connolly Cup; Rain Delay in Other Cups

Thursday Results: USA advances in Dubler Cup

Click here to read about Wednesday’s Results: Wednesday:  Six USA Teams Advance to Play for Cup

Tuesday: Nine USA Teams Win; USA Italia Cup Team Falls to Tough Romanian Team

The USA had a tough time today with Romania. The Italia Cup team (men’s 35) dropped both singles to Romania. Mark Tepes fought really hard against a clay court counterpuncher at #2 singles and nearly tied the second set at 5-5, but ended up losing 61 64. Ross Duncan lost to Dinu-Mihai Pescariu, who at one time (not too long ago) was ranked in the top 75 in the world. I asked Ross if he was ranked that high, and he laughed and said no. They had some great points but Ross fell 61 62 against a guy who never took off his black track suit and who was wearing untied trainers! Pescariu was just that good. However, Justin Touchstone and Gabriel Venter took the doubles point in three sets to salvage a point in the tie.

The Trabert Cup team, men’s 40, also took on a tough Romanian team, but more successfully. Willie Quest battled for over three hours before winning the #2 singles point 75 36 75 (he had to serve for it three times before winning the match). Carsten Hoffmann fell at #1 singles in three sets, so it was up to rookies Neel Grover and Daniel Marting to clinch the tie…or lose it. They went with clinching it, in a nail biter, 64 in the third…whew! They take on #8 seeded Great Britain next. Romania beat Gr. Britain, so hopefully tomorrow’s tie will be a bit easier.

The men’s Fred Perry, Dubler, and Austria Cup teams won with less fanfare. However Peter Markes, playing #2 singles against Poland in the Austria Cup gave his captain, Mark Vines some worry, dropping the first set 64 and going down 2/1 with a break in the second before rallying to win the final sets 62 63. Sal Castillo won easily at #1 singles and Vines/Wes Cash took the doubles point easily.

In the Perry Cup, Bill Moss started things off against Russia with a win, his first Cup win and he said it was the best day of his life! Mike Tammen won at #1 singles and Thomas Schlack/Ken White won the doubles point (also their first Cup matches). The Dubler Cup team won quickly; Eoin Collins won at #2, Jeff Tarango at #1 and Kelly Ward/Mario Tabares took the doubles.

The Lenglen Cup team beat Latvia 3/0 behind Patricia Zerdan (#2), Sophie Woorons-Johnston (#1) and Mary Dailey/Carolina Blouin, who won the doubles. At the same site (Starlight hotel, about a 15 min walk from Ali Bey), the women’s 50s, Bueno Cup won. Fran Chandler (#2) and Ros Nideffer (#1) beat their Turkish opponents and Captain Tracy Houk and Vicky Buholz won the doubles.

Back at Ali Bey, the Young Cup took on Turkey too and won both singles 60 60 behind Floridians Vesna McKenna at #2 and Trish Riddell at #1. SoCal players Debbie Higa/Stephanie Stone, making their Cup debuts, took the doubles point 63 63.

The Court Cup beat Sweden 3/0 and once again I arrived before 10am from the Starlight hotel (matches began at 9am) and missed Shelly Works’ match at #2 singles, she played that fast! Anna Zimmermann took the #1 singles point and Erika Smith/Alissa Finerman completed the 3/0 sweep.

The Connolly Cup beat Argentina 3/0. Susan Wright started the team off with a win, 62 61, on a drizzly morning, Diane Barker dropped a bicycle (double bagel) on her opponent at #1 and Tina Karwasky/Pat Purcell overcame a slow start to win the doubles in straight sets 75 62 under sunny mild skies.

Tomorrow all teams are in action again at Ali Bey and Starlight in the last round of the RR matches. The weather should be good. Game on, Go USA!



Monday: Trabert, Lenglen, Court and Connolly Cup Teams Post 3/0 Wins

The Trabert Cup team played Ireland. Willie Quest started things off at #2 singles followed by Carsten Hoffmann at #1 and Neel Grover/Daniel Marting at doubles. They played on Center Court .

The Lenglen Cup played Poland. They only moment of doubt was at #1 singles. Sophie Woorons-Johnston just got to Ali Bey on Saturday night, and was playing a former touring pro (Sophie is also a former touring pro). She won the 2nd set 64, and I saw match point (they were initially told they were playing at 11:30 and I got there before noon, only to find them almost finished. Patricia Zerdan won at #2 singles and Mary Dailey/Carolina Blouin took the doubles point. They played at the second venue a short bike ride away or a short walk on the beach. I biked, I’m very happy I brought my bike here. I have a cool Brompton folding bike.

The Court Cup played Turkey and the significant fact there is that Shelly Works won her match at #2 singles in under an hour!. None of the Texas players believed me when I told them that. Anna Zimmermann won at #1 singles and Erika Smith/Alissa Finerman picked up the doubles point.

The Connolly Cup played Spain, and won both singles, with Susan Wright at #2 and Diane Barker at #1 swiftly (even if Susan didn’t win as quickly as Shelly Works!). Pat Purcell/Tina Karwasky won the doubles point in three sets.

All ten teams are in action tomorrow at 9 am except the Bueno Cup which plays at 11:30. 

USA pins arrived from the States today and I handed them out to the players. They look great and the other teams will really enjoy them.

Sunday: Opening Ceremonies, Team Photos

Today, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day as the Irish contingent reminded us, as all were wearing big green hats today) was a busy one. At 8am all the USA teams met on Center Court for photos. Everyone was extremely cooperative, though the men’s 35s didn’t show other than Mark Tepes, since their captain missed the captains’ meeting and his flight and his luggage! However, they were all at the opening ceremonies. I took group, section, team and individual photos of every player and team other than a couple of the Italia Cup and finished exactly at 9am which was when I told everyone we’d be done. All the players were practicing, most double sessions for next week. The players looked sharp in their new USA track suits, which are the same as the Davis Cup and Fed Cup warm ups.

The captains’ meetings took place from 11:30 to 3 today. The USA is seeded #4 in the Italia Cup team, #3 in the Young Cup, #3 or 4 in the Lenglen Cup and #1 or #2 in all other Cups. This is the first year the seedings were done based on team rankings, with some exceptions. 

The Women’s 35s play at an alternate site which is within walking distance, at 11:30; the women’s 45 & 55 and Men’s 40s USA teams all play at 9am at Ali Bey; 45s on Court C13, 55s on B 10 and the Trabert Cup on Center Court.

All other USA teams have byes.

The opening ceremonies were today at 4:30. There are 190 teams and 31 different countries represented here this year.

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