2014 USTA Senior/Super Senior Cup Guidelines Now Available

Date of Event: The Senior Cups will be played in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, April 21-26, 2014.  The Senior Individial World Championships will be played April 27 – May 4.

The surface is clay. The ITF will publish fact sheets with information about these Cups and the Individual World Championships atwww.itftennis.com/seniors.

USTA Senior Cup Team Selection Dates

Letters to team candidates will be sent in November. The Senior World Cup Teams for 2013 will be selected January 19, 2014 (Age divisions 35-55). 

Guidelines: The 2014 Guidelines will be used to select the 2014 Senior Teams.

Selection Timeframe for Results: The results considered in selecting the 2014 Senior Cups are all results from January 1, 2013 through January 19, 2014.  Please read the 2014 Guidelines for further information and minimum play requirements.


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3 responses to “2014 USTA Senior/Super Senior Cup Guidelines Now Available

  1. WOW This is awesome to see all the rankings! Thanks for the info, Carolyn. Just returned from the Indoor National in Kansas, so am sort of in jet lag from little sleep, but looking over some e-mails and now my goal is The Friendship Cup in Thailand in February, 2014! Thanks again and congratulations on all your travels and court successes. rita

  2. thanks, Carolyn. So, pray for good weather with no rain for September 2nd in the evening program. Cannot wait to be back in my home town and join the loud New Yorkers in the evening. Hope to catch a glimpse of my buddy, Tony Bennett who is a real fan and was born in Astoria, L.I. same year as I and same place, as well, and what a great painter and Jazz artist, too. rita

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