2015 USTA Adult/Senior Seeding Assistants


30s: Trish Riddell (trish10s@aol.com) & Mary Dailey (daileymd@gmail.com

35s: Judy Louie (ad2louie@aol.com) & Carolyn Nichols (carolynanichols@gmail.com)

40s: Ellen Goodman (mummsey@aol.com) & Gee Gee Garvin (speed3g@aol.com)

45s: Gail Murayama (gailmvan@yahoo.com) & Roz King (rkng@cox.net)

50s: Carolyn Nichols (carolynanichols@gmail.com

55s: Eliz. Barnhill (elizabethbarnhill@charter.net) & Cindy Babb (cindy.babb@comcast.net)

60s: Anne Schwartz (anneschwartz163@gmail.com)

65s:  Andrea Barnes  (abarnes2@stanford.edu)

70s: Carol Wood (c.wood@prodigy.net) and Gee Garvin (speed3g@aol.com)

75s: Brenda Carter (cart2128@bellsouth.net) & Carol Clay (playclay10s@gmail.com)

80s: Roz King (rking@cox.net)

85s & 90s: Cathie Anderson (cathiesk9s@roadrunner.net)

Overall Circuit Chair: Carol Clay (placlay10s@gmail.com)


Note: Carol Clay will appoint a temporary seeded for anyone who is playing a tournament in the age division for which she is a seeding assistant.


Division for seeding Name Email Address
30 Steve Hayden shayden6@woh.rr.com
35 Steve Cornell cornellofca@hotmail.com
40 Chuck Gill  cgill@ibisgolf.com
45 Arvind Aravindhan arvind@jkcp.com
50 Mike Vandergrift vandeg_m@yahoo.com
55 Matt Jacob matthew.a.jacob@hotmail.com
60 Jim Nelson essenhaus@aol.com
65 Bruce Levine tennis2tennis13@gmail.com
70 Jerry Thomas Jthomas@kandsins.com
75 Brett Haberstick  bch5657@gmail.com
80 Wesley Jackson wgsj35@msn.com
85-90 Allen Dunbar allendunbar@comcast.net
Larry Turville lturville@msn.com


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