Crawford Cup, Rainy Start leads to Finish Under the Lights

The Crawford Cup began yesterday and the weather was fine, but the forecast for today was ominous…100% chance of rain according to this morning. By 8:15 it was raining, by 8:30 it was pouring, and Mother Nature was putting on a big show, thunder, lightning, and rain that California could only dream of.

Play was delayed, then delayed again, but thanks to the ground crew, all volunteers, and good communication on the website, the players started drifting in a little before 3pm and play began about 3pm. The tournament recognized that the critical matches were the round of 16 matches in the 55, 65 and 45 singles and put  them on first, followed by the 75s and 85s, then some of the doubles.

I played Tami Bass from Vermont (though she’s been in Florida for several weeks), who had taken out Suzanne Siegler the day before. She runs well and is consistent but I managed to beat her 61 61. Next up is Kathy Foulk who won her match 60 ret. (her opponent had a knee injury). All 8 seeds in the 55s advanced. In fact there were no upsets in any division in singles today. Kathy Vick had a good battle with Sally Smith in the 55s, winning 64 63 and Grace Woo held off multiple set points with Ria Graham serving at 65 in the first set to win 76 63 in the 75s.


Click here to see the results and draws.

kathy and teal in the rain rain by pool Rain

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