2021 USTA Women’s Intersectional Team Results

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  • 35s: Southern d. NorCal
  • 45s: Mid Atlantic d. SoCal
  • 55s: Southern d. SoCal
  • 65s: Southern d SoCal
  • 75s: SoCal d. Southern
  • 80s: Florida d. NorCal
  • 85s: SoCal d. Texas

Congratulations to Andrea Barnes, NorCal, recipient of the Margaret Russo Award. Well deserved.

Women’s 35s:

Southern d. NorCal in a very tight match 3/2. It came down to the #1 doubles which was won 75 in the third by Southern. All but #2 doubles were three set thrillers.


  1. Hurst (NC) d. Sinclair
  2. La O (NC) d. Dimitrov
  3. Waters (S) d. Sosa


  1. Sinclair Docter (S) d. Hurst/La O
  2. Waters/Dimitrov (S) d. Rosette/Saito

3/4: New England d. Southwest 3/2

Interestingly, Fintel (SW) retired with an injury after the first set of #1 singles but managed to play #2 doubles which was the deciding match. Chiang/Ramesh (SW) d. Fintel/Carlsen (NE) 16 64 75.

Women’s 45s

Mid-Atlantic (MATA) beat SoCal 3/2


  1. Parson Siegel (SC) d. Rice 63 75
  2. Merrick (MATA) d. Le 75 61
  3. Purpura (MATA) d. Northcott 60 60


  1. Rice/Purpura (MATA) d. Parson Siegel/Eggers 64 62
  2. Northcott/Le (SC) d. Merrick/Walsh 46 62 1-0 (7)

3/4: Texas d. Northern California 4-1

Women’s 55

Southern d. Southern California 3/2

The women’s 55 final was another nail biter, coming down to #2 singles where C Hartsock/A Frautschi edged J Lyons/C Clery Ferrell 46 76 63.


  1. F Chandler (S) d. E Hammargren (SC) 67 61 64
  2. E. Brinson (S) d. K Archibald 67 61 64
  3. J Lyons (SC) d. R. Saheim 63 63


  1. S Tharp/Brinson d. K Haas/R Miller
  2. C Hartsock/A Frautschi d. Lyons/C Cleary Ferrell 46 76 63

3/4 playoff: Texas d. Florida 5-0

Women’s 65s

Southern d. Southern California 3/2

Despite Tina Karwasky’s heroics for SoCal (winning #1 singles and #1 doubles, both in three tough sets), SoCal fell to Southern. SoCal was lucky to reach the final though, having been down six match points in the semis before beating NorCal.


  1. Karwasky (SC) d. W McColskey 67 75 62
  2. B Jackson (S) d. K Chain 64 63
  3. B Timmis (S) d. G Beneke 64 62


  1. Karwasky/Chain (SC) d. McColskey/J Kirkland Cochran 46 75 76
  2. Jackson/C. Babb d. J. David/E. Kuhle 61 46 64

3/4: NorCal d. Texas 5-0

Women’s 75

In the women’s 75 the format is two singles and two doubles. I assume that in matches that tie 2/2 that the winner is the team which wins the most sets (or loses the fewest sets) , and if that’s a tie, it goes to games. So it looks like Southern California beat Southern 2/2 having won 5 sets and lost 4. I did confirm with Cathie Anderson from SoCal that SoCal won the competition in the 75s.

Southern California d. Southern 2/2 (tiebreaker was sets lost)


  1. B Carter (S) d. C Anderson 62 63
  2. A Hunt (S) d. F Kia in three sets (score reported is 76 64 61 ret which cannot be correct)


  1. Anderson/A Polisky (SC) d. Carter/Hunt 63 62
  2. L Nilsen/G Halverson (SC) d. T Rob/K Shelburne 62 63

3/4: Pacific Northwest d. New England 3/1

Women’s 80s

The format in the 80s is 1 singles and 2 doubles. There seemed to have been some sort of modified RR.

Florida beat NorCal 2/1

Singles: Donna Fales (F) d. Jean Ainger 60 61

#1 Doubles: Fales/D Wasser (F) d. Ainger/C Hadley 64 63

#2 Doubles: P Boyer/N Garcia (NC) d. M Watts/A Moore 64 61

New England appears to have placed third. NE beat Midwest twice including on the last day.

Women’s 85s

The women’s 85s had a four team round robin between Texas, Southern California, Florida and New England. The format in this age division is 1 singles and 1 doubles.

Southern California, the only team which seemed to consist of just two players, trounced Texas, FL and NE 2/0. Dori DeVries won her singles against New England and Texas and Sheila Palmer won against Florida. DeVries/Palmer teamed up to win three singles matches.

Texas edged New England to place second, winning at singles 61 60 and winning five games in a doubles loss. They beat Florida 2/0.

New England edged Florida for third, winning 60 60 in singles and managing to win two games in doubles to place third.

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