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  • Super Senior USTA Teams Selected

    June 30, 2020

    The USTA has announced the teams it has selected to represent the USTA in the ITF Super Senior World Team Championships in October. (Fingers crossed that this event happens as scheduled, October 11-16 in Mallorca, Spain with individuals to follow October 17-24).

    The players selected are listed below; players whose names are in bold font are the playing captains. The players are listed alphabetically by first name.

  • Designated Open Sectional Championship Schedule 2020

    From USTA.com (read here).

    2020 Tournament Recategorizations due to Covid-19

     In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the USTA family would like to encourage local play as opposed to traveling to play national tournaments.  With this in mind, we’ve reclassified the remaining Super Category II, Category II, and Category III national tournaments as Designated Open Sectional Championships. 

    These Designated Open Sectional Championships will have National Category II point allocation for the players. The participants will have the opportunity to earn national points while playing at the sectional level. 

    At this time, the remaining Category I tournaments will continue to be rescheduled for later in the year. 

    Please click here for an FAQ document related to the new tournament classification.

    If you have any questions or for more information, please contact adulttournaments@usta.com.


    Dates: August 14-16, 2020

    Location: Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club, Beavercreek, Ohio

    Divisions: M55 – M70 (singles)

    Surface: Hard, Clay

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

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    Dates: August 27-30

    Location: Guilford Racquet & Swim Club in Guilford, Conn.

    Age Divisions: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II 

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: September 13-20, 2020

    Location: Palisades Tennis Club, Newport Beach, Calif.

    Age Divisions: M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, W65, M70, M75, M80, M85, M90

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: September 15-20, 2020

    Location: Belle Haven Country Club, Alexandria, Va.

    Age Divisions: M45, M55, M65

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Clay

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    Dates: September 16-20, 2020

    Location: Louisville Boat Club, Louisville, Ky.

    Age Divisions: M40, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Clay

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    Dates: September 18-20, 2020

    Location: Ultimate Doubles Tennis, Oak Bluffs, Mass.

    Age Divisions: Mixed (Open), M50-80 (doubles)

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Clay

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II  

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    Dates: October 14-18, 2020

    Location: Lauderdale Tennis Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

    Age Divisions: W35, W45, W55, W65, W75, W85

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: October 22-25, 2020

    Location: McFarlin Tennis Center, San Antonio, Texas

    Age Divisions: M55, W55, M60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75, M80, W80, M85

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: November 2-6, 2020

    Location: Darling Tennis Center, Las Vegas, Nev.

    Age Divisions: M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75, M80, W80, M85, W85, M90

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: November 2-8, 2020

    Location: The Great Park, Irvine, Calif.

    Age Divisions: MOpen, WOpen, M40, W40, M45, W45, M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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    Dates: November 18-22, 2020

    Location: Bocage Racquet Club, Baton Rouge, La.

    Age Divisions: M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80, M85

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Clay

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    Dates: November 30 – December 6, 2020

    Location: Longboat Key Tennis Center, Longboat Key, Fla.

    Age Divisions: M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Clay

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    Dates: December 9-13, 2020

    Location: USTA Central Arizona Tennis Association, Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Age Divisions: M30, W30, M40, W40, M45, W45, M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75, M80, W80, M85, W85, M90, W90

    USTA Ranking Points: Category II

    Surface: Hard

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  • ITF Seniors Introduces New Tournament Grades for 2021

    New ITF Seniors Tournament Grades to Launch in 2021

    Tournament Structure, Grading Criteria and Rankings Descriptions

    ITF Seniors Development Plan 2019-2021

    The ITF Press Release regarding the new tournament grades reads in part:

    “2021 will see changes to the tournament structure, tournament grading system and a new tournament recognition scheme….”

    “Among the most important changes to be introduced in 2021 is a new, refined and simplified tournament structure. The previous Grade A to Grade 4 naming will be replaced by numeric figures representing the points available to the winning player or players in each event.”

    [These will be the World Championships, ITF Seniors 1000 (maximum of 12 world wide, minimum of one but no more than four in any one region) 700, 400, 200 and 100 tournaments.]

    “The ITF Seniors World Championships – Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors categories – will remain the highlight of the season and the highest grade on the circuit.

    The 2021 structure will also introduce a new grade – ITF Seniors 1000, a small number of global tournaments aimed at elite players within each age group. These events will offer a greater value of ranking points, relative to the points available at the World Championships.

    In addition, four further grades will exist to provide a more appropriate tournament experience to players of different standards. Clearly defined entry-level tournaments – ITF Seniors 100 – are designed to provide more competitive opportunities and appropriate tournament formats for the huge number of players who already compete, while also attracting new tournaments and players to the circuit.”

    “Matt Byford, Manager, ITF Seniors said: “We are very pleased to announce several developments to further enhance the tournament experience for players, officials, tournament organisers and our member nations from 2021 onwards….”

    Tournament Structure, Grading Criteria and Rankings

    The above linked article contains the information about the 2021 ranking points.

    2021 ITF Seniors Circuit Ranking Points

  • 2020 Tournament Recategorizations due to Covid-19

    Press Release from the USTA:

    Designated Open Sectional Championship 

    In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the USTA family would like to encourage local play as opposed to traveling to play national tournaments.  With this in mind, we’ve reclassified the remaining Super Category 2, Category 2, and Category 3 National
    Tournaments as Designated Open Sectional Championships. 

    These Designated Open Sectional Championships will have NationalCategory 2 point allocation for the players.  The participants will have the opportunity to earn national points while playing at the sectional level. 

    At this time, the remaining Category 1 Tournaments will continue to be rescheduled for later in the year. 

    If you have any questions or for more information, please
    contact: adulttournaments@usta.com 

    Click here to see the Adult National Schedule at USTA.com. Note that the remaining Super Category II, Category II and Category III tournaments listed will now be “Designated Open Sectionals” which will receive Category II National Ranking points for 2020.

    In 2021 there will be new tournament levels replacing the designation “Category” with 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest and new points per round tables. Read more here: USTA Adult Tournament Changes For 2021

    2020 Ranking Tables: 2020 Points Per Round Tables

  • USTA Adult Tournament Changes For 2021i

    Read more here.


    Top Things to Know

    According to the USTA:

    • The new structure will utilize seven levels of events, ranging from Level 7 (Local) to Level 1 (National Championships) and a universal ranking system that will distribute points consistently across the country.
    • This nationwide system will provide consistent tournament levels and standardized tournament operations for all events—regardless of location—replacing a current system that is greatly dependent upon the region.
    • The new system will allow players to more easily compete across sections, as the levels will be standardized with an increased number of local events, providing even more playing opportunities for players.

    Further Information (click here to see unedited version):

    1. ONE nationwide structure of tournaments.* The 17 sectional structures and one national structure will be replaced with ONE nationwide structure of Adult Tournaments. The structure will consist of seven levels of ranking tournaments, with the lowest level of tournament ranking points classified as a Level 7 and USTA National Championships classified as Level 1.

    *Note that Level 1 will be the gold ball events; Level 2 will replace Super Category II; Level 3 will replace Category 2; Category 3 will go away. New Points per Round (PPR) tables will be published.

    2. ONE nationwide points-per-round ranking system. The 17 sectional ranking systems and one national ranking system will be replaced with ONE nationwide ranking system for the Level 1-7 ranking tournaments. One set of nationwide ranking tables will determine the points earned in all ranked tournaments.

    3. ONE standings list. At least monthly, the USTA will continue to publish National Standings Lists (NSLs), using the same best of 6 singles and best-of-six doubles* results system. These lists will be filtered by section or district when they are used for selection into closed tournaments and team competitions.

     *Emphasis added: Note that rankings and standings will now be best of 6, not best of 4 results.

    4. EVERYTHING [USTA Sanctioned] counts. While sections will hold two Closed Level 4s and two Closed Level 5s, all other tournaments sanctioned by the sections will be open to all players and all results will count in the ranking system. This also permits sections to hold Open Level 4s. This means that, for example, if you are vacationing out of section and play a tournament, it will count. It also allows players who live near section borders to play across section lines and have their results count.

    5. NEW [NTRP] ranking events. For the first time, the ranking system will be able to count results for NTRP tournaments. This will allow players that are currently playing NTRP tournaments to have a ranking based on their points earned at NTRP tournaments with ranked divisions.

    6. UNIFIED residency requirements. Sections will all have the same residency requirements, and residency will determine eligibility to play in closed tournaments and represent a section or district in team competition. A player may be a resident of only one section (and if applicable, one district). Residency will be based on where a player resides, except that a player may change their residency one time per calendar year so long as it is based on:

    • The address of the player’s legal guardian
  • (Emphasis added)
  • 7. EVERY section is slightly different—in size, geography, population, climate—and the new regulations allow for sections to make decisions that best meet the needs of their adult players. Examples of what sections will be deciding include:

    • Draw sizes of their tournaments;
    • Numbers of tournaments at each level;
    • When the tournaments take place on the calendar; and
    • The draw and match formats.

    8. IT all starts in 2021. All of the changes will take effect in January 2021. In the coming months, be on the lookout for webinars and other educational materials that will take a deeper dive into the details of the new structure.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • USTA Announces Young Seniors International Teams

    The USTA has announced the rosters for the ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships to be played in Umag, Croatia in September.

    2020 Young-Seniors World Championships (35/40/45)

    Team Tournament: Sept. 13 – 19, 2020

    Individual Tournament: Sept. 19 – 26, 2020

    Location: Umag, Croatia

    The list of players can be found here and are also listed below.

  • USTA posts List of Super Senior International Team Applicants

    Here is the link to the list of players who applied for the USTA Super Senior teams. The event is scheduled for Oct 11-16 in Mallorca, Spain. So far this event is still on the ITF schedule. Team announcements will be made on July 30th.

    For more information go to the USTA Senior International page.

  • USTA National Senior Women’s Clay Courts (35/45/55/65/75/85/90) Cancelled for 2020; Will Resume in 2021

    Sue Bramlette, the tournament director for the National Senior Women’s Clay Court Championships (NSWCCC) in Houston, Texas, after consulting with the COO of the Houston Racquet Club (HRC) and the membership director of the HRC has concluded that the HRC will not be able to host the NSWCCC in 2020.

    There were a number of issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic that would or could impact the hosting of the tournament this year.

    The HRC plans to host the tournament in 2021.

  • USTA Update May 26: No National Play before August 1; Sections Can Resume Play if Local Conditions Allow

    Note that several sections, including NorCal, SoCal and Florida have suspended USTA play till July 1st.

    USTA Statement on Suspension of Events

    May 26, 2020

    Update on Suspension of Play and Event Changes – May 26, 2020


    The USTA recognizes that the coronavirus has been affecting different parts of the country in different ways and with different timing. Because of that, it will be possible for people to return to playing tennis safely in some cities and states sooner than in others.

    At present, stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders have been lifted or modified in some communities, and some are phasing tennis back in as a safe, or in certain cases, an “essential,” activity.

    Beginning June 1, the suspension of USTA Sanctioned products and events noted below will now be at the discretion of the USTA Sections and local health authorities. These USTA Sanctioned products and events include:


    • Adult and Junior Tournaments

    • USTA League

    • USTA Junior Team Tennis

    • USTA Social Leagues

    • Team Challenge

    • Team Tournaments

    • USTA School Programs

    • Tennis on Campus

    • Wheelchair Tennis

     (Emphasis added)

    The safety and well-being of all players and event personnel remains the first and foremost consideration of the USTA. All players should check their USTA Section homepage to determine when these USTA Sanctioned products and events will resume and under what conditions. In all cases, the USTA highly recommends that all players and facilities adhere to the “Playing Tennis Safely” guidelines, as well as all local health and safety regulations when returning to play.


    Please note the additional national suspensions below that are still in effect across the country: 


    All Category 1 and Super Category 2 National Adult Tournaments with an ITF status, all ITF Junior events, all Adults Category 2 and Category 3 tournaments, all Wheelchair L1 – L3 events, and all USTA Pro Circuit events will align with the same calendar as the ITF and be suspended through July 31. The ATP has also suspended events through July 31, while the WTA has suspended select events in July. In addition, the USTA has made the decision, separately, to cancel the 2020 National Clay Court Championships scheduled for July 11-19, and which would have taken place in seven cities across three states.


    “The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the tennis landscape, and it is our goal to ensure that the sport is able to be played in a safe and healthy fashion at the parks and facilities throughout the country once the pandemic subsides,” said Patrick Galbraith, Chairman of the Board and President, USTA. “One of the greatest aspects of this game is that it fosters a true community, and we look forward to the time when we can return to our local courts and use tennis to unite us all, once again.”  


    The determination has also been made to suspend the calculation and publication of the National Standings List (NSL) for Adult, Junior and Wheelchair play until further notice. The NSL published on March 18 will serve as the most current until tournament competition resumes.


    In addition, to ensure that play taking place at local facilities will be the focus once the pandemic subsides, the following events will be canceled for 2020: 

    • USTA League National Championships

    • USTA Junior Team Tennis National Championships

    • USTA Junior Intersectional Team Championships
    • USTA Zone Team Championships

    • USTA National Team Championships

    For more information on the cancellation of the USTA League National Championships and USTA Junior Team Tennis National Championships, please visit the FAQ.


    The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., is currently closed to the public. The facility’s Indoor Tennis Center was converted to a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients, while Louis Armstrong Stadium was utilized as a commissary to facilitate the creation of meal packages that were distributed to patients, workers and New York City school children. 


    The USTA National Campus, in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Fla., will remain closed for play and instructional opportunities through June 7.


    Any patron who wishes to cancel participation in a scheduled activity should contact the specific location for refund information. These policies will be in effect pending additional guidance or directives from each local governmental agency and the CDC. The USTA will continue to monitor and assess conditions to make future determinations about all activities at these facilities.


    * The USTA Medical Advisory Committee includes: Dr. Brian Hainline, Chief Medical Officer of the NCAA and USTA Board Member; Dr. Brian Daniels, MD, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Fla., and Medical Director, US Open; Dr. Mark Kovacs, Senior Director of Sports Science and Health, Cleveland Cavaliers; Dr. Bernard Camins, Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Mt. Sinai; Mike Rodriguez, USTA Senior Director and US Open

  • ITF extends suspension of international tournaments through July 31 | ITF

    This includes all senior tournaments.

    The International Tennis Federation has extended the suspension of all ITF tournaments through to July 31 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
    — Read on www.itftennis.com/en/news-and-media/articles/itf-extends-suspension-of-international-tournaments-through-july-31/

  • Recent Category I Champions

    Husband/Wife Grass: 100: Kathy/Paul Settles; 120: Mai Ichikawa Abel/Brent Abel; 140: Dean Corley/Randi Reznik

    50/60/70/75/80 Hard Mixed: 50: Pat Crow/Tracie Currie; 60: Jonathan Fears/Shannon Carney; 70: Kathy Bennett/Jimmy Parker; 75: Suella Steel/Dean Corley; 80: Wilbur Jones/Roz King

    40 Hard Court/Father/Son/GF/GS: M40S: Francisco Clavet; M40D: Ross Duncan/Simon Chen; W40S: Hiromi Sasano; W40D: Debbie Spence Nasim/Tracie Currie; Mxd: Spence Nasim/Duncan; F/S: Bruce & Bruce Man Son Hing; GF/GS: Ethan Smith/James Stelson

    Men’s 60/75 Grass:  60S: Mark Vines; 60D: Mike Fedderly/Mike Tammen; 75S/D: Jimmy Parker (with Ken Robinson)

    Husband Wife Indoors: Open: Kathy/Trung Nguyen; 100: Kathy/Paul Settles; 120: Peggy Kirkeeng/Michael Sperling; 140: Dean Corley/Randi Resnik

    30 Clay: WS: Charlotte Sikora; WD: Katrina Barnes/Marissa Chapin; MS: Christian Guevara; MD: Kriegler Brink/Cameron Nash; Mxd: Guevara/Abika Sperl:

    Father/Son Clay: Sr: Brett/Jerry Morse Karzen; SSr: Scott/P Estes; 80+: Alan/Robert Croll

    Men’s 35 Clay: S: Rodrigo Pacheco; D: Darrin Cohen/Ryan Sablan

    W90Grass: S/D: Rita Price (with Jane Lutz)

    M/S, F/D Clay: FD Open: David/Karly Friedman; SrFD: Steve/Jordan Vaughn; SSr FD: Julia/Richard Cohen; 80+ FD: Sheldon/Chance Fechtor; M/S: Caryn/Jordan Krasner; Sr M/S: Kyle/Anni Collette

    Women’s 35-85 Hard: 35S:Laura Graff; 35D: Jennifer Lyons/Julie Shapiro; 45S/D: Dina McBride (with Debbie Nasim); 55S: Fran Chandler; 55D: Rainy Miller/Shelly Works; 65S: Tina Karwasky; 65D: Andrea Barnes/Kandy Chain; 75S/D: Carolann Castell (with Heather Fiscalini); 85S/D: Margaret Canby (with Rose Austin)

    Men’s 75/80 Clay: 75S/D: Jimmy Parker (with Ken Robinson); 80S: Lester Sack; 80D: Wilbur Jones/William Woflf

    Men’s 60/65 Clay: 60S: Dan Waldman; 60D: Mike Fedderly/Mike Tammen; 65S:Fred Robinson; 65D: Stanley Mescon/Alan Turner

    40-70 Mixed Clay: 40: Ben Cook/Liz Kotz; 50: Garth Thomson/Laurie Yarbrough; 60: Shannon Carney/Jon Fears; 70: Ann Bradley/Bernie McGuire

    M/D Clay: open: Michelle/Caitlyn Williams; Senior: Sheila/Nicole Chiricosta; SSr: Brenda Humpheys/Shelly Stillman Scott

    Men’s 55 Clay: Erik Luxembourg; D: Scott Works/Willie Alumbaugh

    Men’s 50 Clay: S: Oren Motevassel; D: Johan Hoegstedt/Fredrik Skoglund

  • ITF Postpones 2020 Seniors World Championships to 2021; (Young Seniors & Super Seniors Remain on Calendar for Now)

    23 April 2020

    ITF Statement regarding ITF Seniors (50-55-60) World Team & Individual Championships

    In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ITF has suspended all Tours, including the ITF Seniors Tour until 13 July 2020, aligning with the ATP and WTA Tours respectively. This includes the postponement of the ITF Seniors (50-55-60 years) World Team & Individual Championships which had been scheduled to take place In Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, USA from 26 April to 9 May 2020.

    The ITF has been working with the host organiser, venues, event partners and independent travel advisors in recent weeks to identify a safe and viable date to reschedule the event in 2020. Protecting the health and well-being of players, officials, guests, club members and local communities has remained the priority.

    Due to the ongoing global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been possible to achieve the criteria set for the event to be rescheduled in 2020, and as such the ITF Seniors (50-55-60 years) World Team & Individual Championships will not be held in 2020.

    The 2021 ITF Seniors (50-55-60 years) World Team & Individual Championships will therefore take place in Boca Raton & Palm Beach Gardens, with the precise dates to be announced in due course.
    The ITF will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation alongside tournament hosts and partners, with the aim of resuming ITF tournaments as soon as it is safe to do so.

    The ITF Young Seniors (35-40-45 years) World Championships scheduled for 13-26 September 2020 in Umag, Croatia and the ITF Super-Seniors (65-70-75-80-85 years) World Championships scheduled for 11- 24 October 2020 in Mallorca, Spain both remain on the 2020 calendar.

    If you have any queries, please contact the ITF Seniors Department by email – seniors@itftennis.com

    The USTA has posted a link here regarding the postponement to 2021.

  • USTA International Team Selection: New Timelines Posted; Minimum Play Requirements Amended for 2020 & 2021; Application Deadlines Extended for Super Seniors & Young Seniors

    The USTA Board has approved the Senior International Selection Committee’s extension and revision of the eligibility (minimum play) requirement and timelines as follows:
    The application deadline for the 2020 Young-Seniors and 2020 Super-Seniors has been extended thirty days from the original deadline; For Young Seniors May 11th and Super Seniors May 31st. 

    The USTA Board has approved the relaxation of the eligibility (minimum play) requirements for 2020 (For Young Seniors and Super Seniors ONLY) and for Young Seniors, Seniors and Super Seniors for 2021 as follows: 

    1: A Category I USTA Championship must be played within 24 months prior to the posting of the Final Applicant List on USTA.com OR

    2: A Category 2 or Super Category 2 event must be played within 12 months prior to the posting of the Final Applicant List on USTA.com

    What does this mean? 

    A: Super Seniors can apply here to be considered for a 2020 Super Senior team up till May 31, 2020

    Super Seniors must have played a Category I within 24 months of June 9, 2020 or a Category II or Super Category II within 12 months of June 9, 2020.

    B: Young Seniors can apply here to be considered for a 2020 Young Senior team up till May 11, 2020

    Young Seniors must have played a Category I within 24 months of May 19, 2020 or a Category II or Super Category II within 12 months of May 19, 2020.

    The original Guidelines can be found here:  USTA International Selection Guidelines. Section 7 is amended as described above. 

    The new timelines can be found here.

  • Category I & Super Category II Adult National Tournaments with ITF Status Suspended Through July 12, 2020

    USTA Statment: “All Category 1 and Super Category 2 National Adult Tournaments with an ITF status, all ITF Junior events and all USTA Pro Circuit and professional events will align with the same calendar as the ITF, ATP and WTA, and be suspended through July 12.”

    For further updates from the USTA and for the USTA’s full statement, please click here.

  • USTA Extends Suspension of USTA Sanctioned Tennis Events

    April 1, 2020

    USTA has suspended ITF sanctioned Senior events till July 13, 2020.

    USTA has suspended tournaments and programs including leagues which are not ITF sanctioned till June 1.

    The full statement from USTA.com is below:

    Updated Statement – March 23, 2020: 

    Due to the continued situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus, and after discussions with the USTA Medical Advisory Committee, effective immediately the USTA will extend the suspension of USTA sanctioned products and events, including Adult and Junior Tournaments, USTA League, Junior Team Tennis, Team Challenge, Team Tournaments, USTA Schools programs, Tennis on Campus and Wheelchair events, through May 3.

    Additionally, recognizing the evolving and fast-changing nature of this situation, the USTA will continue to monitor and assess conditions to make future determinations about events and activities taking place after May 3.

    All Category 1 and Super Category 2 National Adult Tournaments with an ITF status, all ITF Junior events and all USTA Pro Circuit and professional events will align with the same calendar as the ITF, ATP and WTA, and be suspended through June 7.

    Both the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., and the USTA National Campus, in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Fla., will remain closed for play and instructional opportunities through May 3. Any patron who wishes to cancel participation in a scheduled activity should contact the specific location for refund information. These policies will be in effect pending additional guidance or directives from each local governmental agency and the CDC. The USTA will continue to monitor and assess conditions to make future determinations about all activities at these facilities.

  • Houston Women’s Tournament (ITF Grade A/USTA Cat I) Postponed to September (Updated March 14th)

    • The ITF has cancelled all tournaments including all seniors tournaments till April 20th
    • The notice today on the Houston website is: New tournament dates!! Due to the COVID-19 virus and with an abundance of caution, we have made the difficult decision to postpone this event. All entree fees will be refunded. Our new tournament dates will be September 19-25 2020. NOTE NEW DATES! We will celebrate the 50th year then!! Wash you hands and stay safe!
    • Tournament website remains the same.
    • To get a refund of your entry fee for the original dates go to the website and withdraw. You will need the email (which I’m sure everyone saved) which has your confirmation numbers. If you didn’t save the email their are instructions on how to withdraw. You will get a refund of the entry fee minus the USTA tennislink fee.

  • Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Cat II Sunday: The End

    Writing from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    The last day of the Fort Lauderdale tournament was played under sunny skies. It was very windy, at least by the time I played singles at 10:30. I beat Wendy McColskey 63 62. It was a tough match, with lots of running, and so very windy…I’d swing at a ball only for it to move several feet as I was swinging forward…and of course that happened to Wendy as well. Bunnie Jackson beat Kathy Foulk to place third.

    In the 55s, Jenny Klitch played a perfect match to beat Shelly Works 61 60 in about an hour, which is not easy to do. Shelly said Jenny was great at turning defense into offense nearly perfectly. Yvette Kruger placed third when Simone Vasconcellas didn’t play the 3/4 playoff due to injury.

    Wendy McColskey, playing with her sister Dale won the 65 doubles 26 64 64 over Cindy LePrevost/Betsy Savitt. Tina Karwasky/Jan Kirkland-Cochran finished third.

    The 55 doubles took place between Rainy Miller/Shelly Works and Anne Frautschi/Susanne Zuniga. Frautschi/Zuniga, who upset the #1 seeds in the first round went up 5/0 in the doubles final….only to lose the next 10 games! Then they rallied to tie the set at 3-3 and 4-4 before Miller/Works closed out the match 75 64. They had a lot of long and varied points…it wasn’t easy to win a point out there. I saw Works miss one ball into the net…she must have been really frustrated when she yelled “fiddlesticks”, a Shelly Works epithet if there ever was one. Mariana Hollman/Stacey Williams edged Susan Boyer/Susan Love 64 in the third; Susan Love’s legs finally gave out after an awful lot of matches in the past 3 days.

    Betty Wachob/Sue Kimball won the 75 doubles beating tournament director Margy Edmunds/Kay Britt in the final.

    Kris McDonald, Hollman/Williams, Miller/Works, McColskey/Nichols, Clay/Love, Boyer/Love

    There are probably still matches going on in the consolation. As always, for complete results click here to reach the tournament website.

  • Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Cat II, Saturday, Day 4

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    On a beautiful day for tennis (mid-70s, moderate breeze, thin cloud cover), play resumed in earnest at the Lauderdale Tennis Club.

    The 75s final started off the day with Carolann Castell continuing where she left off in upsetting Susan Kimball…ie playing great tennis. She took on Betty Wachob, the top seed and beat her 62 64, moving very well and playing solid all-court tennis.

    The 85s final between Burnett Herrick, a multiple world champion, and local favorite Lucille Kyvallos was next up. The match went the distance (yes, the 85s played a full two out of three sets) with Herrick winning 61 57 61. Kyvallos cramped in the third which tells you something about how much these ladies were running.

    The 35s winner is Kristine Kraujina (three person round robin) and the 45s Ann Clark (2 entrants)\

    In the 55s, Jenny Klitch played another great match, beating Yvette Kruger 2,1 and Shelly Works took out Simone Vasconcellos of Brazil 75 63.

    I didn’t see the 55s (or 85s) matches because I was getting my money’s worth of tennis playing Bunnie (Allare) Jackson. I won 61 67 (5) 62. I think I wore her out but she played a great second set. We both had chances to finish off the set before it reached a tiebreaker but it wasn’t to be. I play Wendy McColskey, a 62 62 winner over Kathy Foulk…that match was played earlier and was done before we took the court. Wendy is the 2019 ITF World Champion in 65 singles…not a typical Grade 1 final, that’s for sure.

    In doubles, the top seeds in the 55s and 65s are gone. Yesterday the team of Anne Frautschi/Susanne Zuniga beat Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon 76 in the third and today they took out unseeded Susan Boyer/Susan Love in the semis 75 64. The face the #3 seeds (and Hard Court champions) Rainy Miller/Shelly Works who edged #2 seeded Mariana Hollman/Stacey Williams in two tight sets.

    In the 65s, Cindy LePrevost/Betsy Savitt, unseeded, took out Tina Karwasky/Jan Kirkland-Cochran 26 76 (5) 62; they play Dale and Wendy McColskey in the final; Dale and Wendy received a walkover into the doubles final due to an injury from one of their opponents.

    In the 75s, Kimball/Wachob, the top seeds did advance to the final; they face tournament director Margy Edmunds and Kay Britt who were leading Castell/Lee Delfausse when they retired due to injury.

    Herrick/Judy Smith won the 85 doubles.

    There will be some photos tomorrow! At least one.

    Results, including 3/4 playoffs and consolation can be found here.

  • Rain in the Sunshine State: Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Day 3, Friday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    The forecast for today was for rain and the prediction was correct…it poured most of the morning in Fort Lauderdale. An hour north it also rained hard but stopped an hour or two earlier. All the rain meant no matches started till 3:30pm.

    I warmed up in Palm Beach Gardens and then drove down, arriving just as the tournament decided to postpone the 65 singles till tomorrow, which, given that we were in the semis and the tournament ends on Friday was a good decision. It did mean I drove about 2.5 hours unnecessarily, but it wasn’t rush hour either way, it happens. The 85s final was also postponed, as were (I believe) the 55 semis.

    But there was tennis. The 55 singles quarters were all played and in a “Groundhog Day” match, Jenny Klitch beat Susan Love 64 62 in a match that was very similar to their second round encounter from last week. Same opponents, same score. All four seeds advanced, Klitch to play Yvette Kruger and Shelly Works to play Simone Vasconcellas of Brazil.

    The 75s did play their semis, with Betty Wachob beating Sheila Weinstock and Carolann Castell upsetting #2 seeded Sue Kimball.

    The draws aren’t posted right now but results are available here.

  • Fort Lauderdale ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Jabour Cup Day 2, Thursday

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    On a warm (80s), windy, humid day, most players were in action in the 55/65/75 & 85 divisions. In singles the upsets were hard to come by but in 55 doubles, Susan Boyer (back from a two year hiatus) and Susan Love (back from a hiatus as well) combined perfectly to pick off the #4 seeds, Tina Karwasky and Jan Kirkland-Cochran in the round of 16. Karwasky/Kirkland-Cochran though had no problems advancing in the 65s, where they are in the quarters.

    All the singles seeds advanced in the 55 & 65s without drama. In the 75s, Ann Hunt defaulted to Sheila Weinstock, her doubles partner, the other three seeds advanced. Sue Kimball and Betty Wachob are the 2nd and 1st seeds, age ups this year.

    The 85s final is set between Lucille Kyvallos (who fell, tweaked her ankle and skinned her elbow…and won nonetheless over Esther Williams; she faces Burnett Herrick who weathered a stern test from Judy Smith in the second set but prevailed 62 75.

    In 65 doubles, Kathy Foulk/Lil Pelt-Petow had to default due to injury; the remaining seeds progressed. The seeds in the grass 75s also advanced.

    All results are here.

    I will post some photos by Saturday.

  • Palm Beach Gardens Grandes Dames ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Saturday, Day 5

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Jenny Klitch went three for three in Palm Beach Gardens, winning the 50 singles & doubles (with Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian) on Friday and adding the 40 doubles title (with Andi Pliski) on Saturday, beating the impending rain. The 40s final was a three-setter with the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center pro Tara Pressley and Julie Axlerod giving the defending champions a strong challenge, taking the second set 62 before Klitch/Pliski won the third 62. There were a lot of spectators cheering despite the overcast skies.

    Susanne Clark, unseeded, won the 80 singles without dropping a set, beating her doubles partner, Grace Woo in the final. Clark/Woo finished second in doubles, beating the #2 seeds, Carol Wood/Burnett Herrick in two tight sets. The top seeds, Inge Weber/Dorothy Wasser, won the 80 doubles title, winning all three matches in straight sets.

    Kathy Zanon/Ann Jacobs were tied at 2-2 in the third with top seeds Abbi Neuthaler/Kim Jones when the rain stopped the match under the Friday night lights. When they returned Saturday Jacobs/Zanon won the third set 63 and advanced to the final against #2 seeds Aimee Norris/Anne Frautschi. Frautschi/Norris came out of the gates strong, winning the first set 63, but Jacobs/Zanon played a nearly perfect final two sets winning 62 in the third to claim the 60 doubles title. Jones/Neuthaler finished third.

    Click here to see all photos

    Click here to see draws.

  • Palm Beach Gardens Super Cat II/ITF Grade I: Bonder-Kerkorian, Klitch, Nichols & Dixon Win Singles Crowns on Friday Day 4

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Friday was a long and busy day at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center. Matches started early and were only halted after 7pm by a downpour.


    Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian started off the singles with a win in the 40 singles over Kristine Kraujina 61 62.

    Erin Boynton and I started at the same time; Bonder-Kerkorian finished their match about the same time we finished the first set! It was a very close match, with a lot of momentum changes. I won 64 63, but the finish was in doubt till the last point finished. Wendy McColskey beat Terri Thomson 61 64 to finish third.

    Jenny Klitch played after her doubles partner Bonder-Kerkorian on the same court and we just managed to finish before Klitch beat Julie Dybenthal 60 61. However Dybenthal was happy with her play and said she played much better than she had last time against Klitch. Laurie Capra beat Jill Sickle 61 61 to finish third.

    Judy Dixon edged Toni Novack 76 76 in a repeat of last year’s 70 clay court final. Toni said Judy played great. I watched a bit of that match and Judy moves really well and was able to get to many of Novack’s deadly drop shots. Brenda Carter received a default from Molly Hahn, so finished third.

    In the 80s, Susanne Clark beat Burnett Herrick and Grace Woo edged Carol Wood 76 in the third; the doubles partners face each other in the final today (weather permitting).

    The 30s is a round robin; however Elizabeth Kobak of NY has won the division winning all three of her matches including a 63 63 win over Bonder-Kerkorian.


    The 30s had only two teams but Kristen Charlton/Grace Haggerty got their money’s worth in one match, winning 61 36 76 over Kobak/Jennifer Einhorn.

    The 40s final is today (weather permitting) and pits Klitch/Andi Piski agains Tara Pressley/Julie Axelrod.

    The 50s was won by Klitch/Bonder-Kerkorian over Boynton/Abbi Neuthaler 61 63. Karen Rembert /Alice Stubbs beat Daniella Esswein/Dybenthal in three sets to place third.

    The 60s semis have Aimee Norris/Anne Frautschi against the winner of the rain interrupted match between Neuthaler/Kim Jones and Anne Jacobs/Kathy Zanon which is tied at 22 in the third.

    Carter/Dixon won the 70s over Sue Kimball/Pam Simons (who upset #2 seeds Sue Bramlette/Hahn). Carol Clay/Ellen Goodman won the 3/4 playoff by default.

    Carter/Dixon; Weber/Wood; Simons/Kimball; Ellen Markowitz, Weber/Boynton, Clark/Woo

    Bottom: Trish Faulkner/Boynton/Nichols; Boynton/Bonder-Kerkorian

    Photos can be found here. (I will be adding action photos over the weekend to this album.)

    All tournament results can be found here.

    Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

    Palm Beach Gardens Grade 1/Super Cat II Thursday, Day 3

  • Palm Beach Gardens Grade 1/Super Cat II Thursday, Day 3

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    So in the 80s all the seeds are gone; Inge Weber (CAN) the top seed and reigning world champion fell in her first match to Susanne Clark of NY 63 64. Clark is new to the division, four years younger than Weber and an excellent player who has played on may USA Cup teams, so it wasn’t as big a surprise as it may seem. Carol Wood had her dropshots in full force against #2 seed Dorothy (I don’t like singles) Wasser today (but Dorothy can really move) and edged her in three sets. Wood plays Grace Woo (another age up) and Weber takes on Burnett Herrick (who edged Irma De Marco in two tight sets).

    In contrast to the 80s, the top two seeds have reached the final of the 70s. Toni Novack beat Brenda Carter while Judy Dixon beat Molly Hahn, by identical 62 62 scores.

    Another current world champion, Wendy McColskey, the #2 seed, fell in the 60s. However McColskey is the defending 65 world champion and lost to the top Canadian 60s player Erin Boynton 62 63in a well played match by both players. Boynton, a rangy 6 footer, served great, moved well and didn’t make many errors in victory. I beat #4 seeded Terri Thomson 60 62, so face Boynton tomorrow.

    In the 50s, the top seeds made it to the final; Jenny Klitch (1) beat Laurie Capra of TX 61 60 and Julie Dybenthal (2) beat Jill Sickle 2,3.

    The results for the 40s have the #2 seed Kristine Kraujina advancing to the final while the result for the other semi between top seeded Lisa Bonder-Kerkorkian and TereTennis Stowell (great name for a player) have yet to be posted.

    Doubles results aren’t posted yet but you can find all results listed here.

    Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

  • Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    On another sunny, beautiful, breezy Florida day, there was lots of good tennis at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center.

    I warmed up early and played at 10:30 against Mary Colonna from Michigan, our first meeting in 30 years. I won, and play Terri Thomson, the 4th seed, who ended Grace Hagerty’s run to the quarters 62 64, hitting deep, and mixing in angles and drop shots. Wendy McColskey blanked Suzanne Siegler and Erin Boynton beat Terri Thyssen 64 61.

    There are a lot of Canadians here including Irwin Tobias, Rudy & MJ Pachl (who are USA citizens too) and Erin Boynton. See photos below of Terri Thomson, Erin Boynton & Thomson; Rudy Pachl and Irwin Tobias; Kathy Foulk and Frances O’Sullivan, Thomson, Grace Hagerty

    In the 50s, #3 seed Danielle Esswein fell to Laurie Capra in straight sets. Other winners were Jill Sickle and Julie Dybenthal. The match of the day though was that between Susan Love and top seeded Jenny Klitch. I saw most of the second set; they were playing amazing points and Susan seemed to have to hit a line to win a point. Klitch won 64 62, displaying her great movement and court position while Love whacked her forehand and hit some nice volleys.

    In the 70s, Molly Hahn edged Rosie Fortna and the three remaining seeds advanced, including Brenda Carter who beat Carol Clay 64 64.

    The 40s got started and the top seeds advanced with ease.

    The doubles so far is going according to form in all divisions.

    Tomorrow are the semis in the 50, 60 & 70 singles and quarters in the 40s & 50s. 30 singles round robin singles play begins.

    Hopefully the weather holds; there’s thunder, lightning and rain at 9:15pm!

    Click here to see all results.

  • Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    This week there is a strong tournament going on at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center for women 30-80 (even divisions only). The courts are great, though the new and improved clubhouse is under construction (so facilities are located in temporary trailers). Fortunately the weather is great and there are large tents where the players can relax or eat.

    I’m playing in the 60s, which has a very large (25) and strong field. Wendy McColskey, #1 in the world in W65 held off a determined attack from Aimee Norris, winning in three sets, though you’d never know by watching that she was threatened, she’s very calm. Also in the 60s, only one of the 5-8 seeds (Suzanne Siegler) survived. The others fell as follows: 1: Grace Haggerty of Vero Beach took out Kathy Foulk, 62 62 and followed it up later in the day with a victory over Cori Reese by the same score; 2: Terri Thyssen of TX took out Janet Mosely, in straight sets; 3: Mary Colonna, MI, also beat Tami Bass, VT in a long three setter.

    In the 50s, Jill Sickle of Chicago and Palm Beach Gardens upset #4 seed Andrea Wohlschlaeger. Julie Dybenthal of Tallahassee escaped in three sets against Andrea Hines but won the third set 61.

    The third seed in the women’s 70s, Brenda Winstead of VA had to withdraw with an injury but the remaining three seeds advanced including Brenda Carter of SC who is making a singles comeback after an ACL injury. She faces Carol Clay, Ft Lauderdale who is making her way back after knee and shoulder injuries.

    It’s a wonderful, addictive and often painful sport, tennis.

    The 80s start tomorrow. There are current and former singles and/or doubles world champions in the 80s including Burnett Herrick, Inge Weber, Dorothy Wasser and Carol Wood. Six out of the nine entrants have played on USA or Canadian cup teams!

    Also playing this week in 30 & 40 singles and 50 doubles is Lisa Bonner a former top 10 player.

    I’ll take some photos tomorrow….

    The results can be found here.

  • Santiago Champion

    Santiago, Chile

    The final day was a big letdown. I got to the club early for my 10:30 match (8:30) to warm up because there was only one warm up court after 8:30 and I hadn’t reserved it. I warmed up, then went to check in…and saw I had won by walkover (no one told me). Apparently Fritteli had a pain in her shoulder and decided she wasn’t fit to play today, though I saw her practicing a lot yesterday.

    So I practiced some with Shirley Friedl and Marc Pepin and a little more later with Shirley, and waited for the awards ceremony. I also watched some of the women’s 35 final, which was very interesting in a crash waiting to happen way. Rous Lorca is a club member or local anyway. She moved well and hit deep topspin strokes, never came voluntarily to the net and wasn’t able to flatten out the ball to finish a point but had a nice dropshot at times and a good slice and 2 handed on the backhand side. She pummeled her opponent’s backhand. Loreto Painmill, her opponent had a more well rounded game but by the time I started watching, deep in the second set (about 2.5 hours into the match), Loreto was cramping after points frequently. Loreto would grind, then play a short point (which was frequently successful). Rous won the first set 75 and then 76 (7). Loreto had at least one set point, and I think she was way up in the breaker. But Rous just kept grinding…oh, and she only served underhanded, a big topspin underhanded serve, which wasn’t too attackable. Anyway, it passed a lot of time.

    Around 1:30 they started putting out some food, small sandwiches, and a big paella was being prepared, and was ready around 2pm. There was also an open bar and champagne. Then there was a pretty long awards ceremony, with trophies for first and second and for the singles winners, a bottle of wine and a box of knives (for the women) and a big knife, for the men, and quite nice knives.

    I found new areas of the club today I hadn’t seen…the gym, racquetball courts and some other racquet sports court which used a small ball and tennis racquets and playing off the wall. I watched a lesson but don’t know exactly what they were doing.

    And that’s a wrap on the tennis portion of this trip. I have a hike in the Andes tomorrow and am off to very southern Chile on Monday where instead of 90 it’s going to be in the 50s and windy.