55s: SoCal vs Southern, NorCal vs Florida; Upsets galore in the 65s

Today we (SoCal 55s) played Mid Atlantic: I beat Machoian (0,0); Rita Giles, MATA, beat Ann Stanley, 63, 61; and Ruth Young beat Joan O 63 62; SoCal was up 2/1 after the singles. In doubles, Kathy Bennett/Jackie Heston beat Joan O/ Peggy M 61 63 and Ruth and I beat Courtney Culp/Brenda Winstead 60 64 (lots of lobs and crafty shots by Courtney in the 2nd set and passing shots by Brenda). SoCal 4, MATA 1

Florida beat Middle States, sweeping the singles. NorCal and Southern were off today.

In the 65s,MATA was upset 3/2 by NorCal; Southern Cal had the day off; Florida 65s lost, and that’s all I heard.

Tomorrow we play Southern at 8am! They have Wendy McColskey at #1 singles and Brenda Carter at #2 singles most likely and also have Cindy Babb, Janet Bezmalinovich and Jan Kirkland Cochran on their team. Tough team, and the top seeds (though they barely escaped with a win against New England on Monday, winning 3/2 and sweeping the doubles).

More tomorrow…the 35s and 45s captains’ meetings are tomorrow, to set the seeds and draws.

Here’s a couple of photos, left is Florida 55s and right is the SoCal 55s team.  

Florida 55sNichols, Stanley, Sprague, Bennett, Young, Heston

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