Intersectionals: SoCal 55s, 65s into the final; NorCal 55s in final

It’s an All California final tomorrow in the 55s since SoCal upset top seeded Southern 4/1, winning at #1, #3 singles and sweeping the doubles. Ruth Young, playing intersectionals for the first time has been playing impressively, and beat Cindy Babb in a critical #3 singles match 36 76 (0) 62. Equally impressive were Kathy Bennett and Jackie Heston who crushed Southern’s #1 doubles, Janet Bezmalinovich and Jan Kirkand-Cochran 60 61. I had a tough match with Wendy McColskey, who doesn’t play many tournaments but is incredibly fit, steady and has a wicked forehand; and played her again in doubles. Sue Sprague and I beat Wendy and Brenda Carter in three sets…lapsing after the tie was won but rebounding to win the third set 64.

NorCal 55s beat #4 Florida 4/1, winning at #1 and #2 singles and also sweeping the doubles. Leslie Murveit battled long and hard to beat Tracy Viebrock 63 in the third, but wore her out…she combined with Kathy Barnes to beat Tracy and Cindy Leprevost 60 60! Bonnie Tetrick lost two tiebreaks to Betsy Savitt, but may have tired her out for the doubles, which Ellen Carlton/Keri Hamlin won in three sets over Savitt/Lil Peltz Petow.

In the 65s, SoCal cruised to a win over New England, sweeping the singles (again). That tie contrasted severely with the one between NorCal and Eastern (the 2nd seeds). Eastern was up 2/1 after singles; NorCal tied it up and the match came down to the third set of the final doubles match…and Eastern pulled it out, preventing a second All-California final.  Finals tomorrow, 9:30 am.

The captains’ meeting for the 35s/45s took place tonight. Seeds in the 35s are SoCal, Texas and Southern; in the 45s,Southern, Texas, SoCal and NorCal. In contrast to the other meetings, particularly the 55s and 65s, there were no issues about the seedings, but a lot more changes to the lineups…the 35s and 45s must do their homework on the seedings in advance? Anyway, play will tell. SoCal 45s ended up on Southern’s side of the draw. They play Middle States tomorrow…and the SoCal 35s didn’t get an off day tomorrow, so the 45s have their work cut out for them in singles tomorrow, but should be ok.

In the 35s, SoCal and Southern ended up on the same side of the draw.

All for now…gearing up for the final tomorrow.

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