A Day Off: Monte San Salvatore & Paradisio, Lugano

Draws are here.

I was not scheduled to play a match today (one of our opponents in our 3-team RR tried to schedule a match, but Rosemary was already touring…and it was very hot anyway), but did warm up both Ellen Neumann and Laura DiVittori for their match against one another, then I watched them play for a bit, and it was close. Laura won 4,3 and plays the final tomorrow.

Laura & Ellen & TC Lido Lugano

I returned to my apartment, had breakfast and did some exercises, returned bottles to Lidl and then decided to go to the top of Monte San Salvatore in Lugano. Last year the funiculars to get up the mountain were closed, but this year they are open. Getting there entailed walking to a bus stop, (buying a ticket), taking a train to Paradisio, walking to the funicular station and taking two funiculars (a sort of steep railway) to the top of Mont San Salvatore, which is 950 meters (around 3000 feet) high. It was not cooler at the top, but the views of the “Long Lake”, or Lago Lugano were worth the effort. I also visited the small church at the top and climbed up to its roof and viewing area.

Since I had a final to play the next day, I didn’t do any hiking up there, but took the funicular back down after walking to the various viewing points and taking photos. At the bottom I was going to take a bus or two back to my apartment but then decided to walk back along the lake, which was beautiful. I stopped by the Tennis Club Lido to find out what time my match would be tomorrow (it’s at 9am!…I’ve gone from playing at 6pm to noon to 9…one has to be ready for anything at this tournament).

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