A Dry Day and Lots of Tennis in Durban

We finally got to play a match in the Bueno Cup competition, though were getting nervous when Spain showed up late for practice. I won at #2 singles; Tina Karwasky dispatched Spain’s #1 player quickly and Mary Ginnard/Sherri Bronson bageled the Spanish team in doubles. Tomorrow we play Turkey, who lost 3-0 to Spain on Monday.
The Margaret Court Cup team has not dropped a match in reaching the semis of their competition. They beat So Africa, Canada and Great Britain this week, with Susan Wright playing #1 singles, Tracy Houk playing #2 and various combinations playing doubles.
The Young Cup team also has not dropped a set in reaching the knockout portion of the event.
The Connolly Cup team played 4 singles and 1 doubles today, beating Netherlands and Ireland. They played 2 ties today due to the rain out yesterday…but still have a day off tomorrow.
The Lenglen Cup team played Portugal and I assume won.
The men’s 55 and 35 teams won handily, and I haven’t heard from the other teams yet.
More news as I get it.

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