Monday Results; Tuesday washout

Hello from rainy Durban. I guess the rain followed me from California to South Africa.
Play on Tuesday was postponed till Wednesday due to rain all day in Durban and apparently also in Pietermaritzburg.
Monday all the US teams who played won.
The 35s won both singles, though Jessica Schlotterback who played first at #2 went 3 sets. They beat Netherlands. The doubles was to have been completed today , on the 18th, Tuesday, but it rained all day so…
The 40s and 50s women and 45 men all had the day off and practiced at the Durban Country Club.
In the 50s though, 2 of the seeded teams split their singles and didn’t finish their deciding doubles match before rain came down. So Africa really gave Australia a scare. Australia won 76 76 at #2 singles and RSA then won a long match at #1 singles, but Australia, who has the defending world championship team in doubles was up 6-3 when play was suspended.The 4th seeds, Great Britain, also split their singles with France, losing at #1 singles after having taken the #2 singles, at which point play was suspended for the day.
The 45s, playing in Pietermaritzburg, won both singles and were to have played the doubles today, but it apparently rained there also.
The men’s 35, 40, 50 and 55 teams all won yesterday. The 35s and 55s were particularly dominating in their wins.
Please hope for good weather the rest of the week here.

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