A View from the Top

It was about views of London today. It wasn’t raining and there was some blue sky, so I decided to to up to the top of the “Shard”, the tallest building in Europe (though much shorter than the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower or New World Trade Center Tower, measuring only 72 stories high. But since London is mostly pretty low, it gave good views of the city, particularly of the Tower Bridge, though I could pick out St Paul’s and the London Eye and even Big Ben (which was pretty small from up there). starred photos 11 12 15-011 starred photos 11 12 15-053starred photos 11 12 15-016   starred photos 11 12 15-030          starred photos 11 12 15-001

After taking in the view I decided to get closer to the Tower Bridge, which of course is near the Tower of London. As I walked along the Thames and got close to the bridge, the city lights began to come on (sun sets here early, around 4:15) and it was very pretty.

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I took in an exhibit on the Tower Bridge and was even able to peer down from some clear glass sections of the bridge to the traffic and boats below.


starred photos 11 12 15-042starred photos 11 12 15-047

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