Saturday in London: Wimbledon, Theatre and the Embankment

Saturday was a busy one in London. I was lucky enough to get to play tennis in London with Anne Clark (thank you Anne), Pauline Fisher and Pat Wire. No, not on grass, the grass courts were down and anyway it was raining. We played indoors on carpet of course. I had only clay shoes which was a problem, they stuck like glue to the carpet. However a quick phone call by Anne to the Ladies Lockeroom solved the issue, as they had a few pairs of carpet (smooth soled) shoes on hand. We had two good sets The carpet was low bouncing but not super fast, but quite different from the green clay I’ve been playing on. Since both Pauline and Anne like to drop shot I had to serve and volley.


   wimbledon wimbledon-002 wimbledon-003 wimbledon-004 wimbledon-005

After tennis Anne had to go to an Awards banquet but Pat and Pauline and I had lunch before I headed back to my hotel, then to London. I had tickets to a musical which was good (Kinky Boots, thank you Abbi Neuthaler for the recommendation). I was going to just go back to the hotel from there, but saw the London Eye, all lit up in French Tricolor (in sympathy for the shootings which had just occurred in Paris) and so walked along the embankment (both sides) to take it in and also walked by Big Ben and the houses of parliament.

London eye-001kinky bootsBig Ben-001


It was a busy and late day which is why this post is so late.

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