Adios Palma, Buenos Dias Font de sa Cala

The news of the day is that I managed to find the rental car location, and then, once I’d renewed my contract, I found the airport (where I was picking up Erin Boynton and her daughter Hannah; Erin and I are playing doubles this week) and then found the way to Font de sa Cala, on the opposite end of the Island all pretty much without getting lost! So that counts as a good day.

In the late morning/early afternoon, I finally went inside the Palma Church and Castle. The church is lovely inside, especially the organ, the stained glass windows and the ceilings.

Palma Satruday Starred photos-011 Palma Satruday Starred photos-018Palma Satruday Starred photos-013

The castle had some interesting ceilings all of which were very high. It’s situated right next to the cathedral. It must get cold here in the winter…one room had three fireplaces!

Palma Satruday Starred photos-028 Palma Satruday Starred photos-041 

After going to the museum, I walked around the park to get a good view of the castle and park, then it was off the aforementioned driving adventure.

Palma Satruday Starred photos-035

We are now in Font de sa Cala and planning on an early morning hit. I ran into a group of Americans including Julie David and Pam.

Buenos Noches.

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