Font de Sa Cala: Practicing and Sightseeing

Today started pretty early with an 8am practice, and then checked in where we received polo shirts and towels as player gifts, very nice. We then had a nice breakfast. That was a good thing because we next went to another club, Son Besso, a few miles away and had a good 2 hour practice, Erin Boynton, my doubles partner this week and her daughter Hannah, a member of the Williams D3 varsity team (which won the D3 title in 2015). Son Besso is away from the sea a bit but is up high enough so we could see the Mediterranean while we had lunch. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm but not humid or hot.

After checking in at our new hotel, we went to the Cuevas de Arta. They are full of stalagmites and stalactites and are really impressive. Some caves are over 40 meters high. The drive there was pretty and the cliffs are amazing, steep and craggy.


caves (1) caves (2) caves (4) caves (5) caves 6 coast (1) coast (2) coast (3) eirn hannah

I got a default in my first round match, so don’t play tomorrow, but Erin does. I play a German in the next round.

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