Ali Bey Belek, Friday

Hello from Ali Bey Belek…blogging from the Tennis Center tonight.
I have been here in Turkey since Monday, since I went to Cappadocia for 2 days with my parents…what an interesting place, I’ll post photos soon.
Most of the American players are here now and I uploaded a few photos today. We are taking team photos tomorrow morning early from Belek and Manavgat and will be uploading them tomorrow. The captains’ meetings are tomorrow also, so the seeds and schedule will be out after those meetings and I can report on them then.
Mary Ginnard from the 55s drank the water…and was sick for the first half of the day as a result, but managed the afternoon practice…no one else is going to drink the water I think.
The Bueno Cup got in early am and pm practices and I got in an extra hour with Patrizia Operto from Switzerland. We also walked to the town of Belek (Coke Light run) and it’s very nice, lots of interesting shops to wander in.
The weather has been very warm, 80s/60s with a light breeze, so far perfect tennis weather.
I’m practicing at 7am tomorrow with teammate Phyllis…more tomorrow after the team photos.

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