Aspendos and Perge, Turkey

The World Team Championships ended, so I had the day to go touring. Bob and Sue Bramlette, Rita Giles and I got a taxi and went to Aspendos and Perge today. Aspendos was an old  Greek, then Persian then Roman city. We walked through the ruins of the upper city, from which there are beautiful views of the farms below. Then we saw the theatre, which is the best preserved of the Roman theatres of antiquity. It seats 7000 and is still used for performances to this day. Aspendos is near Antalya.

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After seeing Aspendos we went on to Perge, which is known for its preserved Roman baths and pillars, theatre and stadium. However the theatre was closed. What was impressive were the colonnaded streets and overall feel of antiquity of the area.

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After viewing Perge, we went back to Ali Bey, Sue and Rita to practice and I went to the opening ceremony for the individuals. Then I went back to my room, checked twitter and found out that Lufthansa was going on strike tomorrow, and after dinner I found out that my flight to Munich on Tuesday had been cancelled (it’s a pilot strike, they want to keep their retirement age at 55 instead of 60 among other things).

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