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  • Super Senior Application Information

    From the USTA website today:https://www.usta.com/Adult-Tennis/USTA-Adult-Senior-Tournaments/seniorinternational/


    Attention Super Senior Players:

    The USTA is aware of the travel warning posted by the U.S. State Department in regard to travel to southeast Turkey, and we take the safety and security of our players very seriously.  We will continue to monitor the situation. We have also been in communication with the ITF in regard to the possibility of moving this event. If a decision is made by the ITF to move the event to another venue, we will  update the notice posted on this page.

    To be considered for selection to the Super Senior Cup Teams, we encourage you to complete the application process by the entry deadline.

    Note: The application for super senior team consideration will be posted on April 25 and will be due by May 5, 2016.


    Click this link (https://www.usta.com/Adult-Tennis/USTA-Adult-Senior-Tournaments/seniorinternational/) on or after April 25th to reach the application form used to apply for consideration for a super senior (65-80) team. The current guidelines are also posted on that page.

  • Stanford, Parson Siegel and Shirai Medal at Young Seniors World Championships

    Kateriina Stanford of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida won a silver medal in Women’s 35 doubles and a bronze medal in Women’s 35 singles at the ITF Young Seniors World Individual Championships. Amanda Parson-Siegel (Henderson, NV) and Mutsumi Shirai (New York, NY) teamed to reach the semis of the Women’s 40 doubles and thus won bronze medals. Shirai also reached the semis of the 40 mixed (with Thierry Delay of Switzerlan). The Championships were played near Antalya, Turkey, at Ali Bey Manavgat.

    Stanford, and Parson Siegel were first time participants at the ITF World Team and Individual championships As members of the USA’s Suzanne Lenglen Cup team they helped the team to a 6th place finish in this prestigious international team competition, which is the equivalent of Fed Cup for adults 35 and over.

    Shirai, another rookie to the ITF World Championships was a member of the bronze medal winning USA Young Cup team for women 40 and over.

    Stanford, though unseeded, reached the singles semis, losing to last year’s world champion in that round, but beat the #3 seed in the round of 16. In doubles, she partnered with Dominique Levin of Germany. They beat the top seeds from Brazil in the first round the #3 seeds from Germany in the semis. In the final lost by the narrowest of margins to the #2 seeds, Stefanie Kolar and Svenja Weidemann of Germany: 16 64 1-0 (11-9) after leading 8-5 in the match tiebreak! Kolar and Weidemann won the deciding doubles in the team event the previous week.

    Dominique Levin and Katerina Stanford with medals 

    Parson Siegel and Shirai were unseeded but had great runs to the semis.Parson Siegel also reached the quarters of the 40 singles.  Amanda Parson Siegel and Mutsumi Shirai are shown below.

    Parson-Siegel, Amanda Mitsumi Shirai

    Josh Osswald (Covington, KY) and Shelly Works (San Antonio, TX) also participated in the individual world championships but didn’t medal.

    For more information on the ITF Young Seniors World Team and Individual World Championships, click on one of the following links:

    · ITF Seniors

    · USTA Adult Tournament

    · Senior Tennis Blog

  • USA Final Wrap and Medal Photos

    After a long week on the court, the final results. For results from the entire week and photos: 


    Italia Cup, men’s 35s: They were seeded 5th and finished 7th. The USA had a dramatic win today over Australia. Ross Duncan won in three sets after Matt Jacobs lost at #2 singles; Marcio Pepe/Josh Schofield (according to the ITF webiste) won the doubles in three sets to clinch the win. 

    Trabert Cup, men’s 40s: They were unseeded and finished 11th yesterday. 

    Dubler Cup, men’s 45: USA were seeded 7th and finished 8th. They beat Chile in a nailbiter…Curtis Dunn won at #2 singles, Kamil Kuchta lost at the top spot and Kline Sack/Jared Jacobs fought off match points in the third set, rallying from 1-4 down in the third to win the tie. 

    Lenglen Cup, women’s 35: USA were seeded #3 and finished 6th. Today they lost to #4 Spain in a heartbreaker. Gee Gee Garvin pulled out a 3-setter in singles, Meredith Walton lost and then Katerina Stanford/Amanda Parson-Siegel fell in three sets in doubles. 

    Young Cup, women’s 40: USA were seeded #4 and finished #3, winning bronze medals in the process with an upset win over Great Britain, the #3 seeds. Simona Bruetting and Debbie Spence-Nasim won the singles points before Tracie Currie and Mitsumi Shirai fell in 3 sets in doubles. 

    Court Cup, women’s 40: USA were seeded #2 and finished #4, yesterday. 

     Dubler Cup Team below after their final doubles victory. 

    USA Dubler Cup Team Saturday
    USA Young Cup Team Saturday,

  • Saturday Update 11:10 AM EDT: Lenglen Cup Finishes 6th; Italia & Dubler Cup Tied & In 3rd Set of Doubles

    Lenglen Cup fell in three sets in the deciding doubles to Spain to finish 6th; it was a long day and hard fought. 

    The Dubler Cup is into the deciding set of the deciding doubles with Layman/Sack playing the doubles after Dunn won and Kuchta lost tough matches. 

    The Italia Cup is also into the third set with captain Ross Duncan having won at the top spot in 3 sets and now playing the doubles with Pepe. 

    I’ll post a Cup recap tonight with all final results. 

  • Saturday Morning: USA Wins Bronze in Young Cup!

    The USA Young Cup team rebounded from its loss to France yesterday by beating Great Britain for the bronze in the Young Cup. Simona Bruetting and Debbie Spence-Nasim both won their singles in straight sets to give the team an unassailble 2/0 lead. 

    The other USA teams in action are the Men’s 35 (down 1/0 to Chile with the number one singles (Ross Duncan) down a set but up in the second); Men’s 45s (up 1/0 against Chile, Dunn won in 3 sets at #2; Kuchta down in his ongoing singles match). and Women’s 35s (up a set in the first singles match vs Spain). 

    Men’s 40s (11th) and Women’s 45 (4th) finished yesterday. 

    I’ll have another post at the conclusion of play today. Live scoring from Turkey can be found here: http://www.tennisticker.de/itfystc2015/sb.html

    USA Young Cup Team below: Tracie Currie, Debbie Spence-Nasim, Mitsumi Shirai and Simona Bruetting. 


  • USA Young Cup Team Falls to France & Plays for Bronze Saturday; Court Cup Finishes Fourth

    The only USA team in medal contention in the Young Seniors had a really tough match with France today. Simona Bruetting lost at #2 singles in straight sets but Debbie Spence Nasim played a marathon before falling 76 in the third at the top spot. The doubles point wasn’t played. So the USA plays Great Britain tomorrow for bronze, go USA. 


    The Lenglen Cup team beat Argentina yesterday and plays Spain for 5th place tomorrow. Below is the photo of the USA and Argentine Lenglen Cup teams. 


    The Margaret Court Cup team finished fourth, beating Australia 3/0 behind the singles play of Shelly Works and Julie Cass and the doubles play of Anna Zimmermann/Vesna McKenna. 

    In men’s play, the Italia Cup team, men’s 35, lost to Netherlands two/one. Ross Duncan won at #2 singles but Marci Pepe fell at the top spot and Netherlands beat Jacobs/Schofield for the doubles point.  USA plays Australia tomorrow for 7th place. 

    The Tony Trabert Cup, men’s 40, finished eleventh after a hard fought come back win over Switzerland. Jacobs playing at #2 lost in three sets; Michael Chang won 36 60 75 at the top spot and Josh Osswald/Chris Sanni completed the victory with a 75 46 62 win in doubles. 

    In the Dubler cup, the USA lost two/one to Argentina, with Kamil Kuchta winning the sole point for the USA, at number one singles. The USA Dubler Cup team plays Chile tomorrow for 8th spot. 

    So to recap:

    Lenglen Cup plays Spain for 5th; Young Cup plays GBR for 3rd; Court Cup finished 4th.

    Italia Cup plays Australia for 7th; Trabert Cup finished 11th; Dubler Cup plays Chile for 8th. 

    Last night was the Gala Dinner at Ali Bey; a photo from the Thursday night fesitivites is below. 



  • Thursday: USA Wins in Lenglen & Court Cups; Italy vs USA in Trabert Cup

    Thursday was an off day for the USA Dubler (men’s 45), Italia (men’s 35) and Young (Women’s 40) Cups.

    The USA Lenglen Cup won both singles matches against Argentina. They will play next for 5th or 6th place tomorrow or Saturday. Katerina Stanford won at #2 singles and Gee Gee Garvin played won at the top spot. Garvin and Amanda Parson-Siegel are playing the doubles now.

    The USA Margaret Court Cup team beat Sweden today in the playoff for 4-6 spot. Shelly Works and Julie Cass posted straight set victories in singles; Anna Zimmermann and Vesna McKenna are playing the doubles.

    The USA Tony Trabert Cup (Michael Chang) lost at #2 singles to Italy, but Josh Osswald is fighting hard and is in the third set at #1 singles after dropping the first set and winning the second in a tiebreak. USA is p laying in the 7-12 playoff group.

    UPDATE 9AM EDT: Josh Osswald completed a comeback victory at # singles, winning 56 76 62, so the tie comes down to the doubles point.

    Final Update: Italy won the doubles in three sets 16 62 61; USA now plays for 11th spot tomorrow.

    Live Scores: http://www.tennisticker.de/itfystc2015/sb.html

    Draws: https://seniortennisblog.com/2015/03/15/young-seniors-draws-usa-teams/

    This post will be updated again with the final result in the Trabert Cup USA vs Italy match.

    The USA Margaret Court Cup team vs Sweden is shown below.

    USA Court Cup vs Sweden Thursday

  • Wednesday: 2nd Update; USA Advances into Medal Play in Young Cup

    USA fell in the Men’s & Women’s 35,  & 45, (Men’s 40 lost on Monday); the Young Cup advanced to the medal round. All teams will continue playing this week. USA lost 3/0 in the Italia, Lenglen and Court Cups. All teams put in a great effort, but had tough opponents including the slow red clay in Turkey. 


  • Wedneday Morning Update: USA Young Cup Team Wins

    The bright spot of the day was the decisive win by the #4 seeded USA Young Cup team over #5 Canada today behind the singles play of Simona Bruetting and Debbie Spence-Nasim. The other teams weren’t as fortunate. 

    The Margaret Court Cup team lost to #4 Germany, with Julie Cass going down in a tough three setter on the slow clay at Ali Bey.

    The Lenglen Cup team is down a match to Germany with Amanda Parson-Siegel losing the #2 singles point; Meredith Walton is playing number one today. 

    The Italia Cup lost to #3 seeded Gr. Britain, dropping both singles  points behind the play of Ross Duncan at #2 and Marcio Pepe at the top spot.

    The Trabert Cup has the day off; they finished 2nd in their group, having lost Monday and won on Tuesday. 

    The Dubler Cup team is down a match to #2 seeded Great Britain, with Curtis Dunn falling in a tough 2-setter at #2 singles and Kamil Kuchta playing at the top spot. 

    Knockout play to determine the Cup and the final finish of all teams begins tomorrow. 

    I will have a later post today with final results.  Follow results at http://www.itftennis.com/news/202071.aspx.

    USA Young Cup Team is below. 



  • USA Goes 6/0 on Tuesday, Day 2 in Turkey

    The USA won 3/0 in the Lenglen Cup today behind the singles play of Meredith Walton and Katerina Stanford (at #2); Gee Gee Garviin/Amanda Parson Siegel won the doubles. They played Ireland. 

    In the Young Cup, USA beat Australia 3/0 behind the singles play of Simona Bruetting at #2 and Debbie Spence-Nasim at the top spot. Tracie Currie/Mutsumi Shirai took the doubles point. 

    In the Margaret Court Cup USA played Estonia. Shelly Works pulled out a tough 3-setter at #2 singles. Julie Cass then won a tight 2-setter at the number one spot and Anna Zimmermann/Vesna McKenna won in three sets to complete the 3/0 sweep. 

    In the Italia Cup, USA went up  one match to none vs Latvia when Ross Duncan pulled out at 3-set win at #2 singles. Marcio Pepe fell at number one singles but Matt Jacobs/Josh Schofield won their first ever played deciding Cup match 63 in the third set, so USA won 2/1.

    In the Young Cup, Michael Chang was a straight set winner at #2 singles against South Africa. Josh Osswald fell in three  sets at the top spot but Jared Jacobs/Chris Sanni won the doubles decisively to complete the 2/1 win. 

    In the Dubler Cup, Curtis Dunn pulled out at 3 set win at #2 singles vs Finland but Kamil Kuchta lost at the top spot, so it went  down to the doubles. Jeff Layman/Kline Sack won the doubles point in straight sets. 

    Meanwhile, click here for links to results and live scoring.  The USTA site should also have results at the end of the day in Turkey (+9 from the West Coast, +6 from the East Coast). 

    The USA Young Cup vs Sweden is shown below. 


    The USA Tony Trabert Cup is shown below. 


  • Young Seniors Draws, USA Teams

    Young Seniors Draws Including Group Allocation for USA Cup Teams

    Dates: Team: March 15-21; Individuals: March 22-29, 2015

    Draws Posted For Each Cup Below

    Women’s Cups USA Group & Notes Men’s Cups USA Group & Notes
    Suzanne Lenglen (W35)
    USA is in Group D
    USA is seeded 3rd & in Group D with #6 GER Italia (M35)
    USA is in Group C
    USA is seeded 5th and in Group C with #3 GBR
    Young (W40)
    USA is in Group D
    USA is seeded 4th & in Group D with #5 CAN Tony Trabert (M40)
    USA is in Group E
    USA is unseeded and is in Group E with #5 ESP
    Margaret Court (W45)
    USA is in Group B
    USA is seeded #2
    & in Group B with #4 GER
    Dubler (M45)
    USA is  in Group B
    USA is seeded #7 & in Group B with #2 GBR


    USA Young Seniors, 2015, Turkey

  • Soggy End to World Championships in Turkey

    It just kept raining in Turkey. But the ITF shortened the formats and many of the finals were completed today.

    Americans won several titles: Jane Lutz won the 85 singles and mixed (with Aussie Doug Corbett), the latter via a default in the final. King Van Nostrand won this 10th world singles title over George McCabe, also from the USA, the 80 singles. McCabe didn’t go home empty handed though, he and Chuck Nelson won the 80 doubles crown. Les Buck and Mike Dahm won the 65 doubles. It was Buck’s second straight world doubles title. They won the final by default but had to play and win the semis today to get there. Roz King fell in the singles final to Canada’s Inge Weber and deVries/King had to default the doubles final.

     Van Nostrand, KingLutz, Jane Mike DahmLes BuckMcCabe, GeorgedeVriesKing     Rush, JodyDean Corley 

    The women’s 60s singles and doubles finals were undecided today and both featured American Tina Karwasky, the defending champion in both divisions. She was playing her doubles partner in the final. Both had to play the semis earlier in the day. Karwasky  3/2 in the second set tiebreak when when the final rains started during the 60 singles final; they obviously had yet to play the doubles final at that juncture. Dean Corley/Jody Rush are down in their semifinal men’s 70 doubles match, but the match hasn’t been completed, nor will it. 

    According to the itftennis.com/seniors article, rain in the early part of the day meant no play could begin till after 2pm. Matches were suspended on and off during the day according to the Live Scoring results.

    According to a player who was on site: Play was discontinued at 8pm Turkey time today and there will be no more play this year.

    This means that the ITF Super Senior World Championship was not completed due to the extremely bad (and unusually bad) weather.

    ITF Seniors Article: http://www.itftennis.com/news/188799.aspx

    Draws/Results: http://itfseniors.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/matches.aspx?id=1C765B54-823D-446D-B2F0-8A9638EFB82A&d=20141026

  • Long Way Home & First Day at Individuals

    Today I said good-bye to Ali Bey. I had diner last night win one half of the Queens Cup team, Burnett and Ria and breakfast with the other half, Dori and Roz.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday and today trying to change my airline flight to Munich, which also necessitated a change of flights from Antalya to Istanbul. I was initially flying Lufthansa from Istanbul to Munich early tomorrow morning, but THIS happened. Because of the Lufthansa strike, my flight was cancelled last night. Then the Turkish Airlines computers went down till after midnight. The last flight today on Turkish Airlines  to Munich was at 7:40pm, so I had to arrive earlier in Istanbul, which wasn’t a problem (other than a reasonable fare difference). I arrived early to Antalya and was able to board an earlier flight to Istanbul, which was good…because in Istanbul Turkish Air knew nothing about any reservation for me to Munich! I finally had to call United and it was sorted out reasonably quickly (though at $1 per minute phone charges!). One of my bags is now checked through to San Diego, the other to Munich…hopefully tomorrow night both will show up when and where they ought to. Then of course one more crisis, as I left my passport at the airline counter…I thought I’d left it on my luggage cart, which I parked away (it was gone within 2 minutes, as whomever returned it got my 1 lira deposit). Crisis averted.

    However, the upside to a long layover in Istanbul International airport is being able to use the Turkish Airline lounge here. Turkish Air lounge members must be so disappointed when they go into a domestic lounge in the US (United is a star alliance member with Turkish). Here there’s a guy making pide, a type of pizza; another guy grilling chicken, meatballs and peppers; another one making the pasta of the day; and there are two cases of drinks, everything from water to beer (Efes), and a big area for prepared and fresh salads, plus two kinds of hot soups…and three hot deserts (including strudel). It’s a big step up from packaged cheese and crackers, let me tell you! (There’s a pool table too!).

    WP_20141020_15_42_34_Pro WP_20141020_15_42_44_Pro WP_20141020_18_17_34_Pro WP_20141020_18_18_54_Pro WP_20141020_18_20_13_Pro

    This airport is very crowded, I walked around it quite a lot earlier and like Istanbul proper, it’s wall to wall people. Normally I have a flight out at 6:20am so it’s pretty wide open…not the case at “rush hour”.

    Tennis: Ria Graham, W75 won her first round match. Her son had flown all the way from California to see her play so it was good that he both got to see her win and that she played a match today. Sue Bramlette, W60, fell to the #1 Canadian player, Christa Cameron; Sherri Bronson survived against British player Ann Brown in three sets, as usual starting slowly before winning in three sets. Margaret Canby lost a heartbreaker in the 80 singles 11-9 in the match tiebreak to Mireille Giraud. Jane Lutz however won 60 60 in the 85s to reach the semis. In men’s 70s, Dean Corley, Jody Rush and Donald Long all prevailed today in singles. Nick Oursoff, Bob Quall and Fred Farzanegan all won in the 75s. Neil Hurlbut won in the 80s.

    Click here to follow all draws: https://seniortennisblog.com/2014/10/17/draws-for-individual-world-championships-now-posted/

  • Aspendos and Perge, Turkey

    The World Team Championships ended, so I had the day to go touring. Bob and Sue Bramlette, Rita Giles and I got a taxi and went to Aspendos and Perge today. Aspendos was an old  Greek, then Persian then Roman city. We walked through the ruins of the upper city, from which there are beautiful views of the farms below. Then we saw the theatre, which is the best preserved of the Roman theatres of antiquity. It seats 7000 and is still used for performances to this day. Aspendos is near Antalya.

    CAN aspendos-001 starredphotos-002 starredphotos-005 starredphotos-009 starredphotos-012 starredphotos-014 starredphotos-021 starredphotos-022 starredphotos-016

    After seeing Aspendos we went on to Perge, which is known for its preserved Roman baths and pillars, theatre and stadium. However the theatre was closed. What was impressive were the colonnaded streets and overall feel of antiquity of the area.

    CAn perge starredphotos-030 starredphotos-036 starredphotos-050 starredphotos-052 starredphotos-059 starredphotos-063 starredphotos-064 Sue Rita Carolyn

    After viewing Perge, we went back to Ali Bey, Sue and Rita to practice and I went to the opening ceremony for the individuals. Then I went back to my room, checked twitter and found out that Lufthansa was going on strike tomorrow, and after dinner I found out that my flight to Munich on Tuesday had been cancelled (it’s a pilot strike, they want to keep their retirement age at 55 instead of 60 among other things).

     WP_20141019_003 WP_20141019_009 WP_20141019_010 WP_20141019_17_15_18_Pro WP_20141019_17_20_45_Pro

  • Draws for Individual World Championships Now Posted

    All Draws: http://itfseniors.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draws.aspx?id=1C765B54-823D-446D-B2F0-8A9638EFB82A

    Please click on the links below to view the Draws and order of Play for the 2014 Super-Seniors World Individual Championships, Anyalya, Turkey.

    Mens Singles 60
    Mens Singles 65
    Mens Singles 70
    Mens Singles 75
    Mens Singles 80
    Mens Singles 85

    Womens Singles 60
    Womens Singles 65
    Womens Singles 70
    Womens Singles 75
    Womens Singles 80
    Womens Singles 85
    All Mixed Doubles

  • USA Plays for Gold in Five Cup and For Bronze in Three Cups on Saturday

    The USA teams had a lot of success on Friday in Turkey. It was a picture perfect day for tennis, temperatures somewhere around 80 for a high and only the slightest of breezes and a few clouds.

    The USA had teams in the medal round in eight Cups today and all eight teams were in action.

    The women’s Alice Marble Cup team (60s) played Australia. Sherri Bronson used the first set to wake up and warm up, as is normal for her, but after dropping the first set 62 to Helen Worland, she caught fire and won the second and third 61 62 to take the #2 singles point. Tina Karwasky stepped up and defeated Adrianne Avis 62 60. The Aussies salvaged the day by taking the doubles point. USA plays Great Britain tomorrow. GBR beat Netherlands 3/0 today.

    The women’s Kitty Godfree Cup team (65s) played Great Britain today and won 2/1. Brenda Carter beat Shirley Fox 62 75, rallying from 52 down in the second set, refusing to miss and to let the ball go past her. Martha Downing played a beautiful match to beat Marjorie Love 63 75. She defended well and dropshotted beautifully…it was tactically a very smart match. The USA plays France tomorrow which is going to be a very tough and interesting match. The Brits took the doubles point in three sets over Kathy Bennett/Carol Clay.

    Starred photos Friday-028 Starred photos Friday-029 Starred photos Friday-045 Starred photos Friday-048 Starred photos Friday-050

    The USA Althea Gibson (W70) team played France today and went down 2/1. Cathie Anderson was outplayed at #2 singles by Sylvie Galfard-Kirsten, losing 60 62. Charleen Hillebrand took on world #1 and current world 70s champion Michelle Bichon and blitzed her the first set 61, then led 53, match point in the second before Bichon rallied to force a third set. Hillebrand hurt her knee at 1/2 down in the third and retired. Suella Steel/Lee Delfausse on the doubles point easily, but France won 2/1. They play GBR tomorrow. GBR lost to Germany 2/1, winning only the doubles point. Heide Orth played great to beat Frances Maclennan 62 62 in singles.

    Starred photos Friday-010 Starred photos Friday-011 Starred photos Friday-031 Starred photos Friday-032 Starred photos Friday-033

    In the Queens Cup (W75), USA played Canada today. Canada, USA and Germany are in a three team round robin for the Cup. Germany beat Canada yesterday. USA dropped the #2 singles as Evelyn Hustwit played well to beat Burnett Herrick in straight sets. Dori deVries, the 2011 World Champion faced Inge Weber, the 2012 World Champion. (Herrick was the 2010 World Champion and Roz King the 2013 World Champion!). Weber got off to a quick start, leading 4/1 before deVries rallied to force a tiebreak, won by USA. deVries won the second set more easily and deVries/King won the doubles point and the tie. Hustwit unfortunately injured her Achilles tendon and couldn’t play the doubles.

    Starred photos Friday-018 Starred photos Friday-024 Starred photos Friday-042 Starred photos Friday-053 Starred photos Friday-054 Starred photos Friday-055 Starred photos Friday-056

    The USA Doris Hart Cup team fell to Canada today 2/1. Jane Lutz lost a tight match to Rosie Asch 64 75 at #2 and current world champion Muffie Grieve took out Margaret Canby at #1 singles. USA then won the doubles in a match tiebreak, but USA lost 2/1. Canada plays France in a repeat of their first match and USA plays Australia, also a repeat of the first day’s match.

    Starred photos Friday-016 Starred photos Friday-017 

    In the Von Cramm Cup (M60), against Austria,  the USA lost 64 61 at #2 singles, as Mark Meyers struggled with his back to move. It was up to Geoff Cykman to tie the match at #1 singles. Geoff Cykman got off to another slow start at #1 singles, dropping the first set. He scored first blood in the second, breaking at 3-3 by hitting a net cord winner (the nets here are very loose). Cykman was up double or triple set point at about 5/4 (I heard from one of the onlookers, I was watching elsewhere at the time) but Austria tied up the match, fighting off the set points. Cykman though won the eventual tiebreak and the third set 61. Tony Dawson/Tom Smith wrapped up the tie with a doubles win 62 62. They play France, a 2/1 winner over Australia, France taking a close #2 singles and a straight set doubles win. The #1 singles match in that category was amazing, with Andrew Rae wearing down Dominique Leman in three sets.

    Starred photos Friday-014 Starred photos Friday-040

    The USA Britannia Cup team (M65) lost to top seeded Spain 2/1 with Spain taking both singles points. Brian Cheney played a great second set against Jose Camina-Borda but fell 75; Les Buck/Armi Neely won the doubles point in 3 sets. Mike Dahm lost to Luis Flor at #2 singles. They play France (which lost 2/1 to Switzerland) tomorrow.

    The USA Crawford Cup team is finished (5th) and the Bitsy Grant Cup team plays tomorrow for 7th or 8th place. They had a day off today.

    The USA Gardnar Mulloy Cup team steamrolled Australia today 3/0 behind powerful singles performances by John Powless and King Van Nostrand. They play Germany, which upset Canada 3/0 today. Herbert Althaus beat Lorne Maine in an upset at #1, though Althaus is a “young” 80s player having just turned 80 a couple of days ago. He runs really well.

    Starred photos Friday-015  Starred photos Friday-035 Starred photos Friday-058 Starred photos Friday-030 USA and Aussie M80

    All finals and medal rounds are tomorrow and there will be nine USA teams in action tomorrow.

    For all results go to carolynnichols.wordpress.com.

    Individual Draws are up too:

    Mens Singles 60
    Mens Singles 65
    Mens Singles 70
    Mens Singles 75
    Mens Singles 80
    Mens Singles 80
    Mens Singles 85
    Womens Singles 60
    Womens Singles 65
    Womens Singles 70
    Womens Singles 75
    Womens Singles 80
    Womens Singles 85
    All Mixed Doubles

  • USA Advances to Elimination Rounds in Nine Cups on Wednesday; USA Men’s 75 Team Falls to Gr. Britain

    USA advanced with less drama today in nine of the ten Cups today.

    The good news for Bob Quall, Bitsy Grant Cup team member, is that his suitcase and clothing and warm up finally arrived! The bad news is that his team lost. Bob had a tough loss at #2 singles to Gr. Britain, losing a four hour match after leading by a set and 3/0 on the soft E courts. He admitted to a bit of fatigue after two days of long matches. Fred Farzanegan lost the #1 singles after leading 5-2 in the first set.

    The Doris Hart Cup team, women’s 80, continued to amaze, beating Germany today 2/1, again taking the #2 singles and doubles points as the German #1 didn’t play the doubles tie.The USA plays France next while Canada is on the other side of the draw. Jane Lutz, 86, has been fantastic at #2 singles, and Margaret Canby/Rose Austin have been stellar in doubles so far.

    Ilse MICHAEL Margaret Canby, USA W80 USA and Germany 80s after their match Wednesday

    The men’s 65s were so fast they had finished 2 singles and doubles before lunchtime (and they started at 9am)!

    The men’s 60, 70 and 80’s teams all advanced without too much drama.

    The women’s 60s won 3/0; Sherri Bronson again played about 3 1/2 hours, 3 sets to win. Her comment was that there weren’t many practice courts available, so she was getting in her court time during matches! Tina Karwasky won easily at #1 and Sue Bramlette/Rita Giles took the doubles point.

    In women’s 65s, the USA won handily behind the play of Brenda Carter, Martha Downing and in doubles, Carol Clay and Kathy Bennett.

    Bennett Clay Bennett, Clay Carol Clay USA W65-001 Kathy Bennett, USA W65

    The women’s 70s were very quick today, finishing not much later than the men’s 65. Charleen Hillebrand & Cathie Anderson played doubles; Lee Delfausse/Suella Steel won the doubles point.

    Lee Delfausse Suella Steel, USA W70-001 USA W70 Delfausse Hillebrand Steel, Anderson Scouting RSA vs GBR W70

    The women’s 75s had a scare with Dori deVries losing at #1 but Roz King had won at #2 and deVries/King easily won the doubles point. They have the day off tomorrow.

    For more results, click on the Cup below; the USA will be in a different group beginning tomorrow.

    I’ll post photos and add them to this post tomorrow…falling asleep. I was able to hit some tennis balls today and then there was the gala dinner. There was also a lot of thunder and lightning but it didn’t stop play….

       USA men's 60 and spouses-037 USA men's 60 and spouses-038 USA men's 60 and spouses-039 USA men's 60 and spouses-040 USA men's 60 and spouses-041 USA men's 60 and spouses-042  


    Men’s Cups & Women’s Cups

    Von Cramm Cup (M60) (USA in Group A )
    Alice Marble Cup (W60) (USA inGroup A)

    Britannia Cup (Men’s 65) (USA inGroup D  )
    Kitty Godfree Cup (W65) (USA in Group B)

    Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) (USA inGroup D  )
    Althea Gibson Cup (W70) (USA inGroup A)

    Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) (USA in Group C )
    Queens’ Cup (W75) (USA in Group A)

    Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) (USA inGroup A )
    Doris Hart Cup (W80) (USA inGroup B)

  • USA Remains Undefeated After a Challenging Day 2 on the Courts

    USA won all ten ties played today, but it wasn’t an easy task in several Cups.

    The USA did cruise to victory in the women’s 65, 70 and 75s. The women’s 75 played the Ukrainian team which didn’t show up in time to play yesterday. They showed up in matching satin-type fabric skirts and T-shirts with their country’s name on them. The USA won very easily, but were happy to have a match today.

    The USA also had an easy time advancing in the men’s 80 and 70 and didn’t lose a set in advancing in the men’s 65s.

    The men’s 75 won 3/0 but it was anything but routine. Bob Quall started at #2 singles and three hours later had won 75 in the third. I don’t think he moved a muscle the rest of the day. It was a very physical match and Bob did well to win it against his tough Swedish opponent. Next up was Fred Farzanegan, whose match at #1 singles lasted nearly as long as Bob’s, but Fred also won in the third set, 63. Jerald Hayes and Willie Wolf won their first ever Cup match, taking the singles point to seal the 3/0 win.

    Bob Quall M75 Fred Farzanegan, M75, USA

    The men’s 60 team was very close to losing to Denmark today. The USA are the defending champions, but that wasn’t important to Denmark. Tom Smith started well at #2 singles, going up a double break and leading 41, but that’s when the balls became heavy,and  Tom was a bit impatient, but fighting hard. He lost 76 62.

    smith, Tom, USA-002

    Geoff Cykman was up next and lost the first set 60! He regrouped and won the second 62. The third set was a dogfight won 76 by Geoff. Geoff afterwards described his match not as “Winning Ugly”, but as requiring a new chapter be written to make it improve to a “winning ugly” level. Tom and Tony Dawson won the doubles point in straight sets.

    The women’s 60s beat Spain 2/1. Sherri Bronson lost a tough one at #2 singles, but Tina Karwasky won over Encarnacion Gomis at #2 and teamed with Sherri to win the doubles point 61 61. Sue Bramlette asked me if the doubles line up could change and I told her no..she had a deer in the headlights look for a nanosecond, then realized I was kidding!

    Karwasky Tina USA W60

    The Doris Hart Cup split its singles again, this time with Argentina, who took out #2 seeded Germany. Jane Lutz won and Margaret Canby lost. Then Rose Austin and Margaret played the doubles and won it 12-10 in a match tiebreaker!

    Draws are here: carolynnichols.wordpress.com.

  • USA Survives a Scare in the Doris Hart Cup, and Advances in Crawford, Godfree, Marble and Grant Cups; All USA Teams in Action Tuesday

    USA swept the singles in the Crawford, Godfree, Marble and Grant Cups today. That was not the case in the Doris Hart Cup, women’s 80s. Jane Lutz won a hard fought victory at #2 singles though to start off the tie positively against Australia. Margaret Canby played #1 singles and lost convincingly to Ann Fotheringham…60 60. Margaret’s comment before the doubles was that if Ann played the doubles, her partner was going to see every ball! However, Ann didn’t play the doubles point, Rose Austin and Margaret did. Rose was making her Cup debut on her 80th birthday and had a nice birthday present: a victory in her first Cup match and a deciding one at that! The USA plays Argentina tomorrow. Argentina upset #1 seeded Germany 2/1 today…in fact every tie in the Doris Hart Cup today was hotly contested, with all four going to the deciding doubles match and three out of four being decided by a match tiebreak in the doubles.

    Austin Canby Rose Austin IMG_8222 Happy Birthday Rose Austin!

    Several USA players made their Cup debuts today and all but one was successful.

    In the men’s 70, Crawford Cup,  Donald Long won at #2 against Denmark; Jack Metalsky played his first ever clay court match (he’s a SoCal player), debuting at #1 and won comfortably as did Jody Rush/Dean Corley. They take on Ireland tomorrow.

     Corley Jack Metalsky Rush, Corley Jody Rush

    In the women’s 60s, Alice Marble Cup, Sherri Bronson and Tina Karwasky swept the singles, allowing rookies Sue Bramlette and Rita Giles to make their debuts in doubles and they won convincingly 64 60. They take on Spain tomorrow.

    Bramlette, Sue-004 Giles, Bramlette Giles, Rita-002

    The women’s 65s, Godfree Cup, USA beat Brazil, dropping only a handful of games in winning at #2 singles (Brenda Carter), #1 singles (Martha Downing) and doubles (Carol Clay/Kathy Bennett). They play Switzerland next.

    In men’s 75s, Bob Quall (whose suitcase has STILL not arrived in Turkey; everyone else has received their delayed luggage) won at #2 singles against Japan; Rookies Willie Wolf and JB Hayes lost a tough doubles match. They take on Sweden tomorrow.

    Hayes Wolf Quall, Bob USA M75Fred changing score card   


    All teams are in action tomorrow.

    I found out today that the “Beach Courts” are still in existence, behind the big new hotel, which is not owned by Ali Bey, and there are now six of them. I’m not sure they still belong to Ali Bey but they still appear on the court plan map.


    beach hotel beach hotel-001court plan

  • Team Photos Today

    Today we have the captains’ meetings in the afternoon, followed by the opening ceremonies.

    We started early, with team photos at 8am. There were 39 players (Charleen Hillebrand got to Ali Bey in the wee hours of the morning and understandably didn’t make it). Dori deVries, Geoff Cykman and Bob Quall are all missing their luggage…and all flew out of San Francisco.

    Donald Long and Dean Corley made it hear on barely a week’s notice to fill out the men’s 70 team. JB Hayes also made it here at the last minute for the men’s 75 team.

    Here are some team and a group photos. To see more click here.

    The draws are up: click here to see them..  


    USA Super Senior Teams 2014

    Bitsy Grant Cup, M75 Brittania, M65 Doris HArt Cup W80 Gardnar Mulloy Cup M80 Jack Crawford Cup M70 Queens Cup w 75 Von Cramm Cup, M60 W60 Karwasky Bronson, Giles, Bramlette W65

    Missing: Women’s 70s as a player was missing.

  • Team Practice Day; Bad Luck for USA Doris Hart Cup Again

    Today I had an early start, practicing at 7:30 with Ellen Dawson, whose husband, Tony, is on the men’s 60 team. I saw several of the captains from various countries in line waiting to get practice courts; the sign up wasn’t ill 9am and each team was allotted 2 30 minute slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, many other courts were open and everyone seemed to get in enough tennis.

    I had an ITF meeting on procedures, then looked for another hit, since after today it’ll be hard to get on the courts. I ran into my German mixed partner from yesterday, Richard, and also Vladimir from Russia and we played doubles with someone from Lithuania, a very international group of players. We got in two sets, had a lot of fun too.

    I found out this afternoon though that Mary John Lynch, the #1 player on the 80s team, traveling for the first time out of the country in 50 years, with her husband, had a freak accident on the airplane…reached under her seat, ripped open her hand and had to have stitches in it…can’t play for 2 weeks. Last year the #2 player, Lucille Kyvallos, fell on the first day and broke her elbow and had to have surgery. I really feel sad for Mary John more than anything, but at least her injury isn’t as bad as that Lucille had, but the timing sure is awful.

    I had dinner later with the women’s 60 teams, Sue Bramlette, Rita Giles, Sherri Bronson and Tina Karwasky, and Bob Bramlette. Sue said they were helping Tina perfect her drop volley today; I think it’s quite fine already.

    Picture day tomorrow and I’ll be posting lots of photos, which will go onto my website (carolynnichols.com) on the lower slideshow. For some reason the internet provider here is blocking access to my website. I can load it fine from my phone but not from my computer using wifi! However, I can use my phone if necessary to upload page changes, but I will also be loading lots of information to carolynnichols.wordpress.com.

    Have a great night everyone, more tomorrow.

  • Arrival in Ali Bey, No More Beach Courts!

    Today I left Istanbul and when I boarded the plane immediately ran into Tom and Judy Hancy from Australia…I thought I had a long flight on Monday/Tuesday…they went from Australia to Singapore (where they were delayed overnight) and then to Istanbul, 8 and 10 hour flights respectively. Judy plays in the 70s, but both were quite chipper and relaxed, veteran travelers that they were.

    I got to Ali Bey in time to meet up with Brenda Carter, after a quick lunch (I kept getting lost trying to find the restaurant…finally figured out that the maps don’t face the same direction as the buildings, it’s sort of like looking at a map sideways.


    starred photos-003


    Brenda and I had a quick hit (it was her third of the day…she’s only 68) and walked to the store for some water and drinks. I ran into a Russian friend, Elena Polykova and she asked if I wanted to hit some. She was here for a Grade 4 ITF tournament that was going on here this week, but was out of the tournament. She’d won it last year and came back since the prize was a stay at Ali Bey for free during the following year’s tournament. Russia isn’t too far from Antalya either. Anyway, I ended up playing a set of mixed with Elena, a Russian Vladimir and a German, Richard. There was a lot of crosscourt rallying..I didn’t hit a ball till four  points into the second game! It was fun and great to be out hitting balls. The weather has been quite good, it was in the 80s and a bit humid, San Diego like.

    we ran into Sherri Bronson and Tina Karwasky. This is how Sherri’s bag was delivered, duck taped together as it was shredded by the airline along the way.


    There are always changes going on..the big one was that there’s a huge monolithic hotel where the Beach Courts used to be and looks like another one going in next to it, so the view of the beach from the courts is blocked and the courts feel more hemmed in. There’s a lot of construction going on and villas replacing old shops, and an olive orchard (on drip) which replaced old hothouses near Ali Bey. Turkey is popular with tourists, especially the Mediterranean coast.

    starred photos starred photos-001 starred photos-002

    I caught up with Brenda, Tom Smith and Debbie, Ellen and Tony Dawson for dinner and ran into some other players.


     starred photos-004

  • Ephesus, A Giant Ancient City

    Ephesus is near Selcurk about an hour from Izmir on,  the west coast of Turkey. It’s also near a the port of Kudsaadasi where a lot of cruise ships stop…so there’s a lot of tourist groups that visit this area year round (most of whom seemed to be in Ephesus today).

    Ephesus was once a port city; the harbor though silted up and was moved to its present site. The city was founded my Greeks, then taken over by Romans. At one point it was the captial of Asia Minor and its population exceeded 250,000. Its Temple of Artemis was the largest in the world and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. St. John reputedly brought the Virgin Mary to Ephesus after the death of Christ and tradition attests that his gospel was written there.

    Excavation has been going on for 150 years at Ephesus and less than 20% of the city has yet to be unearthed. I can tell you after looking at these ancient sites that Archeologists really have to be good with jigsaw puzzles…three dimensional ones that have pieces missing. So they are part detective too and part historian. And need to love it…the pay has to rely on donations.

    Today we first looked at the Temple of Artemis…only a singles pillar remains. What wasn’t pillaged was destroyed in an earthquake. The site is large and so is the pillar (now topped by bird nests) and you can see how imposing the temple must have been.

    starred photos-001

    Then we went to Virgin Mary’s house up in the hills where there’s a three room house reputed to be where St. John took her after Jesus was killed on the cross. It was a drive up into the hills to get there and a pretty spot. There was a line to get into the house, and it took me a while to get through, let’s just say other cultures are better at jumping lines than are Americans, about 10-20 people walked in front of me, but we all got through.


    Next up was Ephesus proper and it’s a pretty amazing site. The city is large and you start by walking from the top where there were Roman baths (everyone had to bathe before being allowed into the city…since the baths were relatively expensive, it was a way of keeping the riff raff out so to speak). All the political buildings were in the upper part of the town. There was a small theater where politicians would debate and lots of shops. There was a large, open pillar lined promenade (uncovered because chariots were coming and going on the road). I am standing below next to the goddess Nike (goddess of Victory).

    Roman Baths starred photos-007 starred photos-012 starred photos-014 Nike Goddess of Victory I meant it when I said all the tourists were in Ephesus! starred photos-008

    There was a public men’s toilet room..sort of like a club. It was lined with toilet seats, and there was a fountain in the middle of the room, music was sometimes played, there was a fee to get in and apparently a sort of Roman “men’s club”. At least the togas would sort of cover the guys…

    starred photos-030

    We went into the terraced houses. There are seven  and they are being restored. They ranged from about 1000-4000 square feet, and all had center courtyards. The arrangement, terraced up an incline, helped with the plumbing, which was used to heat houses as well as provide water and dispose of it through the aqueduct system. There were mosaics on the floors, marble or paintings on the walls, indoor plumbing, and did I say lots and lots of marble. In the courtyards there were some fishtanks, used to store fish till they became dinner…better than any fridge as long as you remember to feed them.

    starred photos-026 starred photos-027 starred photos-033 Mosaic in Terrace house Earthquake damage is why the wall is buckled. Courtyard with fish tank for fresh fish...a sort of fridge for fish.

    There was a hospital and medical school, and a large library (though the facade was grander than the interior) containing thousands of scrolls. Scrolls were precious and few people had any in their homes, and they were highly perishable. There were several fountains and temples too.

    starred photos-028 starred photos-029 starred photos-047 starred photos-015

    There was another huge market with a courtyard in the middle, used to sell among other things, slaves.

    starred photos-048

    At the bottom of Ephesus there is a huge great theater which held 25,000 people. I walked up to all but the highest seats (which were fenced off) and could hear quite clearly people at the bottom.

    starred photos-050 starred photos-053 starred photos-056


    There’s another bath at the bottom of Ephesus, which I passed on the way out.

    Lunch today was Gozleme, a thin crepe which I had with peynir (cheese) and I had some cis kepap, lamb shishkebab, which here is cooked in small pieces on small skewers. In the front of the restaurant you could watch the Gozleme being made in the traditional way.

    I parted with my guide then and walked up through St. John’s church, which is being restored and up to the fort overlooking the city. The views were nice, of lots  of farms, mostly trees, olives, citrus and stone fruit and pomegranates. . There was a guard inside the wall of the fort and when two tourists appeared taking photos from the spire of the mosque I heard a sharp whistle and then he was over to the small mosque most likely to chew them out…and while he left his spot, another tourist went under the ropes and up the stairs he was guarding. Adventure tourists I suppose. Of course when I initially saw the couple on top of the spire I thought, how did I miss that vantage point, went back in and saw that the entrance was marked off…by a stick (no warning signs).

    starred photos-057 starred photos-059 starred photos-060 starred photos-063 starred photos-068 starred photos-072  starred photos-080 starred photos-084 The spire entrance is where the wood stick is located.

    Now I’m in Istanbul and go to Ali Bey tomorrow, captains’ meetings are Sunday as are USA team photos so I’ll report more then if not sooner.

    Click here for more photos.

  • Touring Ancient Turkey: Afrodisias, Parmakkule and Hierapolis

    Turkey isn’t a small country. But it is an ancient one…what we measure in hundreds of years Turkey measures in thousands (Imaginary conversation: How old is that ruin: Californian: really old, over 200 years old; Turk: Not old, only 2000 years old).

    Today I was trying to sleep (that jet lag is not an imaginary condition), when at 6am the call to prayers started and I have a speaker as it turns out, right outside my hotel room (earplugs tonight perhaps). The call to prayer is several times a day, the last time around 8 or 9pm.

    My tour guide picked me up at 8am sharp, as the drive to Afrodisias is about 2.5 hours. We drove through some largish towns (up to 250,000) and past lots and lots of olive and fig orchards, saw some strawberries, tobacco, quite a few pomegranates and a few grapes. Turkey is pretty dry, and has a Mediterranean climate, but the trees seemed to be unirrigated and are much more spread out than orchards are in California. Beyond the trees (and not far beyond) were hills covered with grasses and pine trees. It’s a pretty country.

    Afrodisias began around 5000 BC and became large and prosperous because of political favor and a large marble quarry.There was a marble working school there too.  It was abandoned sometime in the 12th century and a Turkish village developed over it. There was a big earthquake in the 1950s and the village was then moved; since then there’s been archaeologists working on the site.

    What was really impressive were the huge coliseums. One was for chariot races and held over 30,000 people. It was one stadia long which is over 200 yards. The smaller theater was used for plays and entertainment, it held about 7000. A third, small stadium or amphitheater was used by politicians for debates. I also saw the ruins of the large Roman baths, which had three parts, hot, tepid and cold (a plunge pool it looked like) for the rich. Lining the center of the town at one time were lots of shops (Agora or Forum). And of course there was the site of the Afrodisias temple, later a church. There’s also a nice museum on site. It’s a somewhat remote site so there weren’t tons of tourists and it was pretty peaceful.


    starred photos 1 starred photos 1-002 starred photos 1-004 starred photos 1-009 starred photos 1-013  starred photos 1-018 starred photos 1-019 starred photos 1-022 starred photos 1-023 starred photos 1-027

    Next we went to lunch. Pide is popular and unlike “Pita” it isn’t just a word for bread, it’s sort of Turkish pizza. The dough is formed into a canoe shape, long and tapered at each end and topped with cheese and other things such as meatballs, egg, or crumbled sausage. I had cheese and crumbled meat and it was really good.

    Next up was Parmakkule and Hierapolis. Hierapolis was founded in 190 BC and abandoned in the 1330s after an earthquake. It had huge Roman baths, a Roman theatre and shops. However, the real draw to this area is Parmakkule, which means Cotton Palace. It’s one of the World Heritage sites in Turkey. It’s this big marble mountain, travertine, mostly white and water runs down it and forms a lot of pools all the way down. It looks like a glacier. I walked down it (you have to go barefoot), and most of the way the marble is smooth and pretty soft feeling.

    starred photos 1-031 starred photos 1-036 starred photos 1-038 starred photos 1-042 starred photos 1-043

    It was a really interesting day; tomorrow Ephesus (Efes in Turkish) and then on to Ali Bey.

  • Travels to Turkey

    Turkey is a long way from San Diego, let me tell you, especially when one’s routing is SAN-IAH-FRA-IST-Izmir. However, all my flights so far (I’m in Istanbul, where I had a three hour layover) went well and on time. Frankfurt is NOT my favorite airport. It’s about a mile walk from where planes from the US land to where we get to the train to take us to another terminal for European flights. Then, once you get to your gate you are put on a vastly overcrowded bus and driven several miles to the plane. Then we were left in the bus for a while until the cleaning crews finished, breathing the stuffy exhaust fumes. It was too much for my stomach (good thing I didn’t eat breakfast),and let’s just say I am happy there were airsickness bags at the ready. I slept all the way here though, and had an empty seat next to me to boot. On this 2.5 hour flight Lufthansa had a hot meal (I smelled it, though I didn’t partake).

    So I arrived in Istanbul and so did my bags, shortly after I’d cleared customs. I had purchased an Evisa online and though I miss the pretty visa stamp from previous years, it was nice not to have to go through two lines to get past customs. The airport was jammed with people, but I got some Lira at an ATM (the US$ is quite strong now), checked in at domestic terminal (another good walk, but I had a cart) and now at am the Turkish Airlines Lounge. It’s nice (unlike domestic US lounges, the food is very good)  and you go though security here, then buses take you to the plane (they aren’t far away). Interestingly, the biggest signs in the domestic terminal for restaurants were for Burger King and Sbarro..it’s a small world.

    Tomorrow I’m off to tour, and will add some photos as I can.