Austrian Doubles Champion

Today was a short one on the court. I warmed up Nora at 8-8:30 and didn’t play doubles till after 5pm. We were scheduled for 4:30 but it poured around 4:15 and there was loud thunder, but as soon as it stopped the courts were playable…there was perhaps a 30 minute delay, during which trophies and prizes were distributed. Nora won the singles and got her trophy, towel and a certificate for 2 nights at the Werzer…next year. I also picked up my trophy, certificate and towel.

We played our doubles and won 60 62 against and Austrian team, Elfie and Sylvia, who had narrowly upset the #2 seeds, 13-11 in a match tiebreak.

Today I finally had time to take a walk on the promenade, which was nice and the lake is very pretty, though it was overcast so it was hard to take a photo to do it justice.

In other results, Carol Campling lost in the 65 singles to Syliva Bauwens; Ingrid Gutmann-Resch won the 50 singles; Petro Kruger overcame both a knee injury and a 0-4 deficit in the second set to beat Sophia Garaguly in straight sets in the women’s 70 singles final; Nanda Fischer won a tough three setter over Elisabeth Von Bommel in the women’s 75 singles; Bruce Barrett fell in the 65 singles semis; Fred Kovaleski/Hugh Stewart won the men’s 85 doubles (there was a three-way tie after the round robin and Fred and Hugh won in a tiebreak); Barrett/Jan Johns won the 65 mixed; Fischer/Nola Collins won the 75 doubles and Andrew Moraghan won the 40 singles, but Pfann lost in the men’s 45 final to Massimo Cudini from Italy (all week I kept hearing what sounded like Massimo Houdini…now I know which player that was).

Denis Dumas won his consolation 50 singles match today and plays the consolation final tomorrow.

Up next: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic!

Note the singles stick location used for the men’s 40 singles final today!

 starred photos final Friday-012 starred photos final friday-031starred photos final Friday-023This was the singles stick location during the men's 40 final...which had a chair umpire!starred photos final Friday-014   starred photos final Friday-006

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  1. Ah! What a great life, Carolyn. Thanks for sharing your victories and photos around the globe and mentioning a few ladies I know, as well. Petra, Nanda, and of course Heidi, too. Again, thanks for your news, and good luck next “showtime!” Off to Indoor Nationals in Overland, Kansas.

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