Today was a busy one for Susan, Tracey and Tim, who went to the Palais du Papes and walking around the town for hours. I got caught up on photos, writing and shoulder exercises (I was here last year for a week), but went out in the afternoon to walk around for a while. I walked past a cloister which is now a park, largely for children and many of the typical narrow streets of the old town, and by some interesting doors.

I walked towards the Palace and then up the Popes’ walk, where the views over the river and valley were really nice. I could see Saint Andrew’s fort across the Gardon River, and the remnants of the ancient bridge (Le Pont d’Avignon) which once spanned the river completely.

Bottom left is Saint Andrew’s Fort; Center is Le Pont d’Avignon”

The streets were busy, especially in the central square by the Hotel de Ville, which featured lots of restaurants and a carousel, the latter of which seem super popular in France. They are everywhere here, in every city.

The streets are strung with Christmas lighting, ready to come alive soon. The theme this year appears to be “Avignon, Ville d’exception”.

This photo shows what one who is driving never wants to see…a red circle with a white line which means “do not enter”; and also the barriers for entry which are limited to those with special access…the cylinder goes into the ground allowing auto access for those who have a code or key.

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