Bad Breisig Day 1

Draws are here.

I played my first match on Tuesday the 9th in Bad Breisig against a Swiss player from Basel, Yvette De Roche. The tournament ran somewhat behind yesterday…temps were near 90 (but quite dry) so matches were played at a slower pace and there were many three-setters. We got on court around 3pm, following Bart Theelen from Netherlands, the top seed in Men’s 55 (an excellent player).

I won and then Yvette and I had a drink (no, not alcohol, just juice for Yvette and soda water for me), and watched Margreth Beyer play the 4th seed. I play the winner of that match which turned out to be Beyer, with whom I am playing doubles this week.

Top and bottom middle, Theelen; Center, Carolyn & Yvette; Center left and right, Margreth Beyer

I practiced early, at 8am when it was cool, no wind and really a nice time to hit for 45 minutes, with Stephan from the club and organizing committee.

Early morning practice in Bad Breisig

It wasn’t a very interesting day…I did get the links to this website updated though!

Today, Wednesday, I have practiced and play not before 1:30 against Margreth. We have a bye in doubles (there are more than 4 teams and we actually are playing in the 65s!) so play tomorrow most likely. I talked to American 80s player Robert Anderman today and to Joe Daley yesterday…I think the only other Americans here. Anderman lost in the semis today to a Dutch player, Sasker, who upset the 2nd seed yesterday. I watched his match yesterday and Sasker is very very good, with extremely modern strokes for the 80s, semi western grip and 2-handed backhand! And fit. Daley is in the consolation and won his first consolation match yesterday.

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  1. Carolyn, is it possible to see last year’s draw and results for the National 70s mixed doubles? Where could I access that?

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