Into the Final in Bad Breisig

Draws are here.

Today I practiced as usual with Stephan at 8am. It was so nice, cool, no wind, sunny.

Stephan, my practice partner, and me

Then I returned to my accommodations for interesting things such as laundry, writing an article for this blog, and making a slight change to my remaining European itinerary (an extra day in Bad Breisig and one less in Frankfurt…I want to see Koblenz).

My match was scheduled at 1:30, but as the tournament staff mentioned, allowing 90 minutes between matches was a bit too optimistic (true, especially since it takes at least 10 minutes to water, sweep and water again the courts between matches and then 10 minutes or so to warm up…leaving only 70 minutes to play a clay court match). It was pretty warm today, close to 90 (very dry heat though), so that also slowed down matches…and there were many three set matches. All that meant we got onto court around 3:30. I played my doubles player Maggie Beyer and won…she’s been a bit under the weather with an intestinal issue…but we had some good points, and are ready for doubles tomorrow!

This is from a few years ago…Maggie and Carolyn

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