Barcelona Champion

I played the singles final tonight against Carmen Perea who is a very nice player. I won 62 63 and it was a good match, as Carmen is an extremely experienced and smart player. However she’s not the best mover and that was probably the difference. I got a lot of balls back and served well; she also served well at times and changed up her strategy often. She also has nice touch and a terrific backhand.

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Ross Persons, USA won the 60 men’s doubles and 55 mixed, both 76 retired. He did fall in the 60s final to the defending champion.

Heide Orth and Kerry Ballard, my practice partners this week, both won their divisions in straight sets, Heide in the 70s and Kerry in the 65s. There are quite a lot of Aussies here; Andrew Rae won the 65 singles and doubles (with Quentin Massey, NZL); Quentin and Encarnita Gomez won the 60 mixed. Adriane Allee lost to Henri Cruchet in the 85 final but played well. Klartje Van Baarle won the 50 singles and 50 mixed with Randi.

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I left after 11pm and the tables were packed for dinner still. There were quite a lot of spectators tonight too.

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I saw the 45 singles champion lighting up a cigarette in front of a table that had about 20 empty beer cans. Training is definitely different in Barcelona!

That’s a wrap on Barcelona; tomorrow off to Bordeaux!

Barcelona draws and results.

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