Barcelona Finals

Today was a mellow day. I warmed up, practiced with Heide Orth for an hour at 11:30, iced, stretched, washed clothes in the sink (I am going to hug my washing machine when I get home), and took the subway to El Cortez Inges for some fruit and chocolate. Then after a late lunch it was time to warm up again and play my 6pm semifinal, which I won 61 60 over Mireia De Gispert Talavera (she said to call her Mary). Not an exciting day but a nice one.

After my match, I scouted my potential opponents who ended up playing three sets, and saw the end of my doubles partner’s match. Kerry Ballard won 61 61 but the rallies were tough. My opponent is the woman at the far end in this photo.

There are a few Americans here…I spotted Polo Cowan and Daniel Grossman, who play in the 50s and Grossman also plays in the 65s with Andrew Rae at times.

Julie Dybendahl, an Aussie who lives in the USA is here too.

One thing nice about this tournament is that people come out in the evenings to watch matches and have a bite to eat from one of the food truck’s in the courtyard area outside the tournament office. So it’s a good chance to see other players and have a chat.

Kerry and I play two Austrians tomorrow for the doubles title and we play our respective singles finals Saturday.

Draws are here.

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