BCN to MUC to Salzburg

I flew to Munich from Barcelona, then took the train to Salzburg. What a change in scenery, from dry Mediterranean to lush Alpine…the weather changed too, from sunny warm Spain to chilly Munich to rainy Salzburg. Fortunately I had my poncho and umbrella at the ready.

I took the bus to the city, walked around and took the cable car up to the top of the fortress that overlooks Salzburg, checked out the scenery (gorgeous, even on an overcast day), and the castle museum. I’d never been to the museum before and it was interesting, particularly the relatively new and very ornate rooms in the pavilion that was added on later. The ceilings had all these brass balls and it made the ceiling look like the sky on a starry night.

The city isn’t huge, but it’s very quaint, even crowded with tourists as it was. It’s music festival time and that draws tourists from all over the world to Salzburg this time of year.

The national candy seems to be Mozart Kuglen, especially in Salzburg, where Mozart made his home. There are all sorts of variations, the main one is chocolate, marzipan and chocolate hazelnut paste, and it’s very good, though I resisted today!

I’m off to Grobming tomorrow, which is a gorgeous part of the world, to visit my friend Bridget Harrer.

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  1. Thanks for another wonderful memory of Salsburg. I’m almost salivating with those delicious chocolates and hope you have a chance to hear the music. rita

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