Good Bye Austria, Hello Switzerland!

The last two days I have been in Grobming Austria visiting Bridget and Baldur Herrera. Bridget and I practiced every day and all in all I had a wonderful time. The Grobming area it is beautiful and a nearby ski area is will host the World Cup next year. It is in the Austrian Alps.

All the courts are red clay in the area, and the small club that has four ports is very busy from about 2 o’clock in the afternoon the restaurant the evening till dark. There is also a tennis hall i.e. an indoor tennis facility nearby.

Today am I drove with Bridget and Baldur to Salzburg where I took the train to Klosters. It is a beautiful train ride through the Alps. We went past Innsbruck Austria en route to Klosters. Klosters is near Davos and is a famous ski area and hiking area.

I walked around the town of Klosters today and also walked down to the tennis courts. The tennis club here is beautiful. It’s at a sports center and there are seven courts. The setting is a park like setting and they kids’ park is really cool. There’s even a zip line and along with a lot of other places. For the kids to play.

I arranged to hit for tomorrow to get used to the altitude. It’s about 1300 m or about just under 3000 feet. The ball flies a little bit.

They draw will be done tomorrow the day before the tournament starts, and the times posted them. This is quite a different procedure from tournaments in the US which normally post the draws about a week in advance with the times.

In Switzerland, the prices particularly for restaurant meals are very high. Most of the main courses I saw on menus around town were between $30-$60 without anything to drink. Spaghetti was about $25. It looks like I will be hitting the grocery store again. I expect to see a lot of chocolate of very good quality in the grocery stores here,

Below are some photos of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland and also some photos from Austria another gorgeous country.








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  1. Good luck in your next tournament, Carolyn Thanks for the lovely photos of Switzerland and Austria. Feel like singing: “The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Music” yep! me and Julie Andrews! Looking forward to some time in the mountains of Colorado where the temperature will be so very cooooool and loverly. My grand daughter, age almost 10 will be performing in an outdoor stage at Dillon Lake where my family and I sailed almost every weekend when I was married and very young! Ciao rita

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