Beuvron-En-Auge and Seeing Caen

Cabourg, Normandy, France, Thursday Morning August 6, 2018

Good morning! Yesterday was a busy one…tennis, sight-seeing, meeting up with IC friends and dinner.

It was a drizzly Wednesday, but on clay that doesn’t stop the tennis. We drilled for a while, then headed off to Beauvron-En-Angie, one of the most beautiful cities in France. It’s tiny, only about 200 permanent inhabitants, and only a few blocks long, but charming, lined with restored half timbered houses, and there’s also a charming small church full of chandeliers and small stained glass windows. The region is also noted for its Calvados, an apple brandy…there’s a Calvados route, similar to a wine route in other areas of France. Many of the windows of the buildings had lace inside and flower boxes outside.

After leaving Beuvron-en-Auge

, we headed to Caen, known for its castle, churches (St. Etienne and St. Trinite) and part in the World War II Normandy Invasion. It also has a long pedestrian shopping street and I found a couple of interesting eyeglass stores. By the time we left Caen, around 5pm, the cafes lining the pedestrian street were packed

We met some of the USIC tennis people for dinner. Unfortunately, our crepe shop from Monday was closed as were a lot of the restaurants in Cabourg (it’s a summertime town…many shops seemed closed for the winter), but we found an open restaurant and Mai, Brent, Robert (who lives in Switzerland and is a native French speaker), Erika and I had dinner there. We saw Bob & Joanne and Geoff too.. and Erika and Mai found Judy at the bus station…the US International Club team is coming together!

Off to practice now and tomorrow we tour the Normandy Beaches.

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