Bid for the 2015 ITF Seniors Regional Closed Championships | USTA

Bid for the 2015 ITF Seniors Regional Closed Championships | USTA.

2015 ITF Seniors Regional Closed Championships

The USTA is searching for a venue to host the 2015 ITF Seniors Regional Closed Championships. This is an ITF-sanctioned event open only to U.S. and Canadian citizens.


  • Events and age groups: any combination of men and women 35-85; singles, doubles, and mixed.
  • The tournament can be on any surface but each event must be played on the same surface. There must be a minimum of 16 courts available for play.
  • Tournament dates: The tournament should not conflict with any U.S./Canadian national events.
  • Officiating: There must be an ITF White Badge referee unless otherwise approved by the ITF. There must be a minimum of one court supervisor/roving umpire for each of the five match courts.
  • Entries: The tournament director determines the entry fee. All players participating in Regional Closed Championships must have registered for a Seniors IPIN membership and must have paid their annual IPIN fee.
  • Results and tournament software: The referee must use the ITF software (Seniors TP). Within 48 hours of completion of the tournament, the tournament report form must be emailed to the ITF.
  • ITF Seniors regulations must be followed, including seeding.
  • Should prize money be awarded, the amount for doubles and mixed doubles may differ from the amount awarded for singles. However, it must be equally distributed by gender and equally distributed across all age groups at the tournament.
  • All ITF Seniors tournaments must have a doctor on call. It is strongly recommended that all ITF Seniors Circuit tournaments arrange for a sports medicine trainer to be on-site for the duration of the event. If there is no sports medicine trainer on site at a tournament, a person who is qualified in first aid and resuscitation must always be on site.
  • Balls must an ITF approved ball.
  • Sanction fee: $915 USD.

Submit a bid by Aug. 1, 2014, by clicking here.

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