Boat Trip, Doubles Win

Today was another warm and sunny day in Carinthia. After an early morning hit, I decided on a boat trip across the lake to the small town of Maria Worth, which has a small, very beautiful church and nice views of the Worthersee. After a calm, 15 minute boat ride, we landed at Maria Worth. I looked at the church and the beautifully tended small graveyard, checked out the souvenir shopped, walked around the area a bit, then settled down on a shady bench to read, look at the lovely view and wait for the boat going back to Portschach. I got off one stop before my hotel in order to take a walk along the lake and into the small town of Portschach.

Toni Novack and I had a 4:30 doubles match at the Leostein courts. We played a couple of Austrians here from Vienna and won 60 60 to move us into the semis against the #2 seeds, Aussies Wendy and Leanne. They play together a lot and are a good team,we will have our work cut out for us tomorrow, and it should be a fun match.

I also play the singles final tomorrow at 10:30am. Fred Drilling is in the men’s singles final, 70s; He’s also in the doubles final. He had a tough three set win over the #2 seed from Italy today. His doubles final is tomorrow, singles on Saturday. If we win our doubles tomorrow we are scheduled for a 2nd match, but the ITF rules only allow two matches a day, so it may not happen tomorrow. On the other side they are already out to the final with a retirement, then a default win.

It’s been interesting eating her in the hotel. My room rate includes “half board” though it should really be called 2/3 board, since it’s breakfast and dinner. No shorts or super casual attire are allowed at dinner and most people dress up. Each night there’s a salad buffet and a four course meal, though one doesn’t have to partake of every course. There are some only in Austria items on the menu often, and the food is different from what one would find at home. Tonight it was white asparagus with a parma type of ham and some sort of smoked fish in a puree; cream of fresh garlic soup; Ox roast or pike; and for dessert, cheese, kaiserschmarrn (pancakes shredded with some sort of a sweet sauce, normally apple or prune), or a parfeit. Kaiserschmarrn is quite good but to me, something more for brunch than desert.

Photos of Maria Worth today:

boatMaria Worth sign chruch Church IMG_0004grave grave-001  IMG_0013IMG_0006  IMG_0024 IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0047

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  1. Ah! Carolyn: What a joy to recall my time at the Friendship Cup in Portschach and see those wonderful photos of your travels. The food was unbelievably varied and one had so many choices at dinner time. I sang with a pianist who also played a harmonica and did Broadway tunes with a slight German acccent. It was a highlight of my time to play there and thank Mary and Ralph for their generous offer to us “hackers.” Your life is indeed good! Thanks for the memories, and good luck in the finals. rita

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