Bordeaux Was Sizzling Today!

Today I played my first round match and our apartment adventures continued.

My match was not before 5pm, but due to temps in the high 90s my 5pm match was pushed back to 5:45. I played Sue Winters of Great Britain. I played a decent first set but Sue played better in the second, but I managed to win 60 63. It was pretty hot on the court and dusty, but cooler weather is coming tomorrow. In fact I think I see it coming, it’s getting really windy outside and seems to be raining. The rest of the week the weather is supposed to be nice, in the 80s, and 70s. The heat is bearable on the court but waiting to play is not so nice, because there is no air conditioning in the clubhouse or the nearby patisserie, only in the grocery store (but it doesn’t have seating). Waiting in 90+ degree heat is draining. (Spoiled American alert). They needed to water the courts a lot today but it was hard to keep the dust down in the heat. One thing about the French courts that is different is that the lines are painted, not a tape that’s nailed to the court. And here there are just brooms to sweep the lines…who knew floor sweeping skills would come in handy in sport?


The apartment adventures…well today Erin, Hannah and I all hit early since Erin and Hannah wanted to go to the beach which is an hour by train from Bordeaux (and the train station is probably 15+ minutes away by bus). We hit at 7:30 then got back around 9am to the apartment…and the handle to turn the door was broken. We could work the key ok, but not open the door. I sent Hannah and Erin off with a credit card and euros and waiting impatiently for a solution. The owner finally sent his friend over and he managed to get the door open,  but there’s just a pin to keep the handle in place…it’s going to break again. The owner, who we think is a guy in his late 20s, is very defensive…default responses are  “this has never happened before” and “it’s your fault”.

Tomorrow I play Dagmar Anwar from Germany. She’s a good, steady player. We play not before 2:30, but realistically, since it’s the 5th match and matches start at 9am, I think it will later, maybe 3 or 4 if I’m lucky.

Erin and Hannah had their own adventure…they went to the beach in Arcachon, but not before the two of them managed to lose each other at the train station…well Erin lost sight of Hannah who was racing to buy train tickets…and then each was trying to locate the other..long story short they missed the train, but got the second one and got to the beach which they enjoyed. They nearly missed the train back, not having checked the bus schedule to the train station…but a grand prix wanna be taxi driver got them to the train on time and back to Bordeaux.

I just got an email that I don’t play tomorrow after all because one quarterfinal match was halted by a big thunder and lightning storm. So we are going to pick up a rental car tomorrow…another adventure awaits.


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