Practice & Shopping Day in Bordeaux

Erin Boynton and I had our daily adventure. This time it involved renting a car. I arranged a rental car in a downtown location. We took Uber to the Enterprise location only to find out it was closed! But before we even had a chance to worry about it, a French woman who was returning a rental car (she thought) to this location hailed us. She called the company and was told to return the car to the Gare (railway station)…and gave us a ride there. From there on out the rental experience went well and the agent even waived the drop fee for us. There was a decent view from the 6th floor of the parking garage where the rental cars were located of the trains and city in the distance. Erin drives a stick and I can navigate, so we made it to the club without a problem. Parking was more difficult but we found a good spot and eventually left the car overnight at the club.. We also had a good hit for about  an hour, then walked back to the apartment.

Wednesday (4)Wednesday (5)

I went shopping later in the afternoon, along with a lot of others, judging by the number of people on Rue Catherine, the longest shopping street in France. It was fun to just wander around and I got a pair of cool glasses frames which is what I was looking for. I wandered by the large cathedral again which was still gothic and pretty.

Wednesday (7)Wednesday (1)

We had a nice dinner at a creperie. Hannah had researched restaurants, but we didn’t have reservations so all the well reviewed ones were booked. The crepes we had though were top notch, very thin and light.

Tomorrow I play 4th match on court 1 not before 11:30…so maybe around 1pm. The first two matches involve Heide Orth and King Van Nostrand so will be quick. Erin plays at 2:30.

The weather really moderated today with a high around 80…tomorrow it will be more like 75 which will be refreshing.

Photos from Bordeaux:

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