My third and last tournament on this trip starts tomorrow at the Villa Primrose in Bordeaux.

I flew early to Bordeaux from Barcelona on Vueling, a discount Spanish airline. The checkin process was pretty much done without interaction with humans…check in, get bag tags and put them on bags then scan the bag tag, and if all is ok the belt starts moving. Not super efficient but cost efficient for the airline I imagine. The seats were tight…My knees touched the seat in front of me and my legs are short! But so was the flight and it arrived on time.

I rented a more civilized apartment this year only a few minutes walk from the club. And it’s hot here but the AC works. There are lots of nice older buildings on my street. 😊

I walked to the grocery store then to the club to try and hit a few balls. However the skies almost immediately began growling and sparking and eventually it poured. However the courts went from being under water to playable in under an hour.

I play tomorrow not before 2pm, weather permitting (good chance of thunderstorms).

Draws are here. Not all divisions have draws posted.

World Cup, France 🇫🇷 vs Croatia 🇭🇷 was today….I heard lots of cheering during the game.

Bon soir, a bientot. (Good evening, see you soon).

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  1. Love i there!! Played it in 2016. . . so casual. . . Good Luck! Are you
    playing mixed also? Regards to Renaud. . . .He did very well, of course, in the ITF in Portschach in June.

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