Boynton Beach Tennis Center Practice

Tuesday April 19, 2022

The ITF Super Senior World Team Championships (that’s a mouthful and will be ISSWTC going forward!) will take place April 24-29 at the Boynton Beach Tennis Center, and other venues in Palm Beach County. The ITF Super Senior Individual World Championships (ISSIWC) till take place the week of April 30-March 7, also in Palm Beach County. It’s not too late to enter, the deadline is April 25th at 10 am GMT (5 am Eastern Time…so basically April 24th). Enter via the ITF Ipin site.

I hit today at the Boynton Beach Tennis Center (BBTC) today. We did not hit on a court that will be used for tournament play according to the tournament director, Luis Baraldi…hope not anyway. The location is a park right off of Congress Avenue which is very busy. And it was quite windy. The park itself has some interesting features…a large outdoor exercise area with lots of machines, such as chest press etc. And the courts are grouped only in groups of two so not many balls will come onto a court during play. The viewing seems excellent for all courts. Everyone involved with the event is friendly and busy! They were resurfacing a couple of courts today and painting the sidewalk, fresh bark was added around the trees, signage had been delivered…and tennis balls!

In contrast to the past few days which were steamy, it was pretty dry and pleasant weather today, and actually a bit chilly in the evening (below 75).

Team practice begins Friday, continues Saturday along with captains’ meetings and the opening ceremony which is at 5pm at the BBTC. Come on down!

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