Champions Crowned Sunday in Lexington: Ballou (M30); Galey (35); Ruben (45); Rowley (55); Cunningham/Morse-Karzen (M30); Charlton/Kaleel (45); Rowley/Rice (55); Nichols/Wright (65); Carter/Wachob (75); Marks/Yip (30 Xd)

Draws are here.

Sunday, May 21, 2023, Lexington, KY

Sunday was finals day for all but 35 doubles and 65/75 singles at the Indoors in Lexington.

Susan and I won the 65 doubles over Shannon Carney/Bunnie Jackson 64 60. They may have been a bit tired after a three hour doubles match yesterday afternoon and a singles match against each other (Bunnie won) today that lasted a bit over three hours. But a win is a win…for Susan it was gold ball 127 (including 9 in juniors). Susan beat Pat Purcell is a well played match 63 63 and Purcell/Betsy Kuhle won the bronze.

Laura Ruben won the 45 singles…her first gold ball to go with a silver and bronze. Jeni Burnette was second and Michele Moutappa third. Kristen Charlton/Sue Kaleel won a tough 45 round robin group..they beat the third place finishers (Mariko Shimada/Yasemin Kaya Congleton) today in a three hour match. Karen Rothschild/Burnette finished second.

Alicia Rowley won the 55 singles over her doubles partner Andrea Rice, and the doubles too. Michelle Williams/Susan Love finished second and Charlton/Kaleel took bronze. Angela Wilson took the singles bronze.

Brenda Carter/Betty Wachob won the 75 doubles over Carolann Castell/Sue Kimball. Brenda Winstead/Judy McAllister won the bronze. In singles, Wilma Lee followed up her win over #2 seeded Gwenda Ward with another upset, this over Brenda Carter. She faces top-seeded Toni Novak in the final.

Nicholas Ballou beat TD Michael Cunningham in the 30 singles final with Albert Vontz finishing third. Cunningham/Brent Morse-Karzen won the doubles with Julian Seelan/Nik Yip finishing second and Vontz/Ballou placing third in a five team round robin.

Sarah Marks/Yip (1), Kelley Buckley/Seelan (2) & Kim Keyonna/Morse-Karzen (3) all finished the four team round robin with 2/1 win/loss records but finished in this order taking set win/loss percentages into account.

There have been lunches for the first three days of the tournament which has been nice for the players…lots of fresh fruit and sandwiches and chips.

No time today for touring…our doubles was delayed due to the lengthy singles match between our opponents…hope to tour though tomorrow after Susan plays the singles final…while I practice on the Lexington clay courts.

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