Chile, Day 2: Racquets Arrive!

It was a good day here, beautiful weather, I got to hit tennis balls, and when I went to the airport my racquets were found! The taxi driver spike no English and I think thought I wanted to go to international cargo arrivals, and wanted T know if he should wait, and I think I correctly told him it could be 30 minutes or 4 hours…my Spanish is getting better by the minute out of necessity.

I hit in the morning with Paul Smith, with whom I am playing this week. Denis Dumas from Canada loaned me one of his racquets, as mine were still I transit from Peru. It was a Wilson Blade 98, and let’s just say that won’t be switching to it anytime soon! It’s a lot heavier than I am used to, but it was nice of Denis to lend it to me.

After hitting I got directions to an electronics store and got a plug adapter (only $4) so I can charge my laptop. I charged my phone yesterday via the USB port on the router in the room and would have felt more clever for thinking to do that if not for the fact that not taking a plug adapter was not clever at all!. (Especially since I had specifically taken it out before I left and (European plug adapters work here.)

I hit a bit with Marc from Canada, served, talked with Heide Orth, and all is well. There’s some altitude, so the balls fly, the courts are variable as far as bounces are concerned and the balls, Head ATP are pretty fast.

Phrases of the day: Caja de Securidad (sp?) (room safe); No se (I don’t know.); No comprendo (I don’t understand.)


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