Czech Mixed Champions

I had today off from singles, but got up early and warmed Ellen Neumann up for her singles. Then I checked out the match between Polyakova, who I beat yesterday and Mortimer, who I play tomorrow. Mortimer won 60 60 in about 45 min, 15 of which was warm up.

Bruce Barrett, one of the few Americans here, and I played the 50 mixed against Polyakova and a Czech/Canadian player, Rosti Brankovsky. We won 63 75, though we were up 52, 2nd set when they started playing better! Polyakova played well in the doubles.

I also watched some other matches. Jurate Hardy, who won the worlds last year in 40 singles, fought her way past tough opponents to win the 45s. Dan Hazleton from Florida beat Roger Taylor to reach the 70 men’s final after which he had 2 doubles matches for some reason.

It is interesting to observe that tossed racquets, coaching, & foot faults all go unremarked upon by chair umpires and roving umpires. Most matches here are chaired by local junior players who call the score and all the lines!



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