Doubles Champions, Walk Through Old Town Lugano & Zurich

Draws are here.

Saturday Rosemary and I played our first doubles match, against Ellen from Germany and Yvette from Switzerland, at the Marzo TC again. It was scheduled right in the middle of the day, 1pm and we got on late, so there wasn’t much time to sightsee. We won the match and tried to get our next opponents to play the final the same day but they demurred. Rosemary though played two doubles with Peter Gard and won both (the second in a match tiebreak) to win the title. And Peter won 60 men’s doubles. So it was a good doubles day.

After the match I had lunch and then walked to old town. I got there just as stores were closing till Monday but managed to get a Swiss Army knife (to replace the one I lost in Peru at security).

I walked back along the lake, which was hopping on a Saturday evening, music was blaring, lots of people were out in boats, queuing for ice cream, food trucks were out, kids were playing in the park…it was lively and fun. I stopped by the club and watched the mixed for a bit before going back to my apartment and packing up. We were to play doubles at 9am Sunday.

Sunday morning thought it was wet, sprinkling and there were puddles on the court. We were initially supposed to play on court 5, then 4, and eventually played on court 2 against an Italian pair, my first two singles opponents, Eliza and Carola. We played well and won, then Rosemary and Peter got ready for their trip to Helsinki (next tournament) and I took a bus, train, train and tram to my hotel in Zurich.

Flight is boarding, so more on Zurich in the next post.

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