Doubles Day in Feld am See

Draws are here.

I thought I had a day off today, as my name was not on the schedule last night to play. I received a message from my doubles partner though while I was practicing this morning letting me know we had a 1:30 doubles match! So instead of exploring after an hour’s practice with Luisa, I worked out, and got ready to play.

In the morning it was still sunny and I walked to the lake to take a few photos.

Our match was on time and we won 60 62 against our Austrian opponents…one of the lost games was because the server hit three lines with her serves, none of which came back! They were nice and it was good to play a bit more today. Their outfits were certainly coordinated better than ours were though!

I finally tried out a bike today. There are some here across the street from the hotel and others parked near the courts…anyone can just find one that fits and use it. So far most of the bikes I’ve found have been too short and aren’t adjustable in height. It was fun to bike even for a short time and on a too-short bike seat!

It started raining just as we finished the match and raining hard a few minutes laster. MJ & Rudy Pachl, MJ’s doubles partner from the Netherlands and I went across the street to the main hotel for drinks (coffee, water etc) and chatted. We could see the courts from there, hear the rain, but the play never stopped…these courts hold a good deal of water.

I biked back to the club around 5pm to watch a doubles match between the #2 seeded Brits and the Austrians…Hildegarde and Inge (my first round singles opponent). When I arrived the Brits had just won the first set 62…but the Austrians turned it around and won the second 60 and the match tiebreak 11-9…nip and tuck all the way.

Tomorrow I am assuming I play singles and perhaps doubles. But till the match schedule is out around 7-8pm I don’t know for sure.

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