Doubles Final in Mallorca…Singles (We Won’t Talk Much About That!)

Draws are here.

Today was WINDY!!! So windy that there was little clay on the upper six courts, especially the upper four at Beach Club Font de sa Cala. The lower courts were more protected and in pretty good shape other than being a bit dry (due to the winds). The wind was around 30mph with some gusts that on the upper courts sent clouds of red clay (what was left of it) into the air.

I played Pat Medrado, who won the worlds the past two years and was a recent finalist at the 60s world championships in Portugal. She’s an all court player, an excellent mover and tactician and frankly just out played me in every aspect of the game today. I lost 1,0 and the score was indicative of the match, though it did last about 80 minutes. We had some good rallies…I just lost most of them!

After changing clothes (it was breezy and cool and I did sweat a little!) I went to watch the end of Susan’s match with Ros Balodis. The first set Ros won 75 and apparently Susan had her chances, serving for the first set. Ros won the second 61 but the score was NOT indicative of the level or closeness of the games…the rallies in the wind on an upper court (where the winds were much more gusty and ferocious) were spectacular. Ros used her backhand like a scalpel, carving it deep then short then down the line and Susan hit some amazing backhands and even drop shots. The match lasted over two hours and there weren’t any moon balls in that match!

After a quick lunch Bunnie Jackson and I got to the courts for our 12:30 match. We played Rosemary Everett (who beat us, with Ros in the Cup doubles) and Leanne Scott, who beat Carolyn Lane/Betty Michel yesterday. We played a good match on an upper court in the wind. Leanne had a tough time with the wind and the footing, but the training on slippery California clay courts paid off today…I didn’t have a problem with the footing and Bunnie didn’t seem to anyway. Bunnie played great from the back and at net and my lobs went it despite the wind. We won 0,1. We then watched Medrado and Susan play my German teammates Sabine Schmidt and Karien Theeuwes. We saw the first set which was 63 to Susan and Pat, and the second set was the same. It was good, attacking tennis and fun to watch through awfully windy.

Karien, Sabine and Carolyn: ETUF Essen teammates

Jenny Cerff, So Africa, who is staying with us won two consolation singles matches today and plays the final tomorrow. She lives in Cape Town so has been well trained in windy conditions which served her well today!

Other matches around the grounds:

Men’s 90s:

  • It’s an all-American final between George McCabe and Chuck Nelson

Men’s 85s:

  • The Americans were upset in the semis: Al Lyle by Alberto Mastroberardino, ARG and
  • Argentini/Westmn beat Nick Ourusoff USA/Mastroberadino 10-8 in a match tiebreak

Men’s 80s:

  • Jaime Pinto Bravo beat Jimmy Parker (USA) 16 63 16-14 in the match tiebreak! Jaime plays Fred Drilling, USA in the final.
  • Drilling/Parker are into the doubles final by default to face Richard Salzmann (AUT)/Gordon Waygood (who took out Americans Dean Corley/Michael Stewart)

Men’s 75s:

  • Jairo Velasco will play unseeded Torsten Hanson, SWE (who beat Camina Borda 6262)
  • Peter Kolacek/Velasco are into the doubles final against Americans Brian Cheney/Brent Abel

Men’s 70s:

  • Eduardo Rios (BRA) will play Paul Torre, FRA)
  • Boyd Brackstone/Jasper Cooper, GBR vs Americans Dennis Englebrecht/Rollin Rhone

Men’s 65s:

  • Dan Waldman was “buzzed” by Glenn Busby 1,2 and Norbert Hens, GER won a similarly one-sided semi.
  • Stephen Dance/Wayne Pascoe, AUS are into the 65s final (taking out Waldman/Paul McNamee) and face Busby/Michael Maldoner (AUT)

Women’s 85s

  • Roz King USA won the singles
  • King/Dorothy Wasser beat Sheila Palmer/Chris Smith in an all American Final

Women’s 90s: Emiko Santo of Japan won

Women’s 80s:

  • Donna Fales, USA beat Susie Burgraff and Frances MacLennan upset Michele Bichon 75 75
  • Fales/Bichon won a tight final to take the gold over MacLennan/Burgraff 4,6

Women’s 75s

  • Belinda Blackburn GBR beat Brenda Carter, USA and will play Nicole Hesse Cazaux who upset #2 seed Toni Novack, USA.
  • In an all-American final Carter/Liane Bryson beat Carolann Castell/Gwenda Ward

Women’s 70s

  • Tina Karwasky edged Caroline Glazmann of France, winning 62 in the third and Pauline Fisher beat Sally Van Rensburg 64 in the third
  • Van Rensburg/Kerry Ballard reached the doubles final to play Jan Vick/Helen Worland in an all Aussie final.

Most of the mixed is into the semis but some were finished

85s: Sheila Palmer/Nick Ourusoff USA won

80s: Fales/Drilling repeated their 2022 gold medal run

75: Hesse Cazaux/Velasco play Castell/Bruce Barrett

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