Doubles Specialist?

Today I got “back on the horse” or at least back on the tennis court, for the doubles semis. We, Rosemary Wilson and I, played Dee Smith (note correct surname) and Tish Peal (who beat me yesterday). We won despite losing six games in a row in the middle of the match, from 4-2 up to 2-0 down. But we finished strong, winning the second set 63, and the tiebreak 10-6. To be fair, Smith had played a long singles match, about three hours, during which she cramped a lot in the third set. It wasn’t easy to watch. I heard that she had had two set points in the first set before dropping it 76, then won the second 63 and it was even in the third before she started cramping. All credit to the fitness of Jane Rushby though. Dee  seemed ok in doubles though understandably tired. Peal lost her singles 64 63. She said she was a bit tired from the week and her overhead wasn’t working. But I watched some of the match, and Kim Reed got the ball a bit deeper than I did and has a killer drop shot.

Tomorrow we play Jane Rushby/Carol Smith in doubles. They beat the #2 seeds, Sally Freeman/Ann Brown 63 62. We have to wait for Jane’s singles to finish before playing doubles, then I have to hotfoot it to the airport for my flight to Germany…or take a flight on Sunday morning.

A few things this week I’ve noticed: 1: After a match, the winners ask the losers for a drink (awfully civilized); 2: When players are unsure of a call, most times they play two after calling a ball out! 3: The only drinking water for refilling bottles is in the bar…and there’s one tap only! No drinking fountains, and no cups. And players seem to think having a tap for  water in the bar available is a luxury! 4: There’s a deposit for getting a towel, none are available in the locker rooms (so get your towel before stepping into the shower! 5: The balls are HEAVY! 6: Players get 4 new balls for every match here which is great, especially for matches in center court which is quite large.

Also, I learned that Britain is changing out their 1# and 5# notes. With 5# it has already happened and the old ones are no longer any good; with the 1# coins, new ones are in circulation and the old ones are going to be valueless sometime in the fall.

I did take photos today but will process them tomorrow or Sunday and post some then.

For now: Draws can be found here.

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