USTA Super Senior Teams Announced for Lake Nona


List of players:

The 2017 ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships:  October 8-14, Orlando, FL

The following players will represent the U.S. in the competition.  The players on each team are listed in alphabetical order.
Any applicant who has any questions, comments or concerns about player selection in general or the process itself are encouraged to contact the chair of the Selection Group, Drew Meyers at 337-278-5028 or by clicking here to email.
Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)
Molly Hahn, Belmont, MD (Captain)
Tina B. Karwasky, Glendale, CA
Wendy McColskey, Durham, NC
Victoria Rogers McEvoy, Cambridge, MA

Althea Gibson Cup (W70)
Brenda Carter, Charleston, SC (Captain)
Carol Clay, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Susan Kimball, Oak Bluffs, MA
Leslie Pixley, Malvern, PA

Queen’s Cup (W75)
Catherine G. Anderson, Del Mar, CA
Susanne Clark, New York, NY
Charleen Hillebrand, Harbor City, CA
Suella Steel, La Jolla, CA (Captain)

Doris Hart Cup (W80)
Dori B Devries, Reno, NV
Burnett Herrick, Tarboro, NC
Roz M. King, San Diego, CA
Carol Wood, Rockville, MD (Captain)

Britannia Cup (M65)

David Sivertson, Addison, TX
Larry Turville, Dunnellon, FL (Captain)
Leonard Wofford, Portland, OR
Paul R Wulf, Salem, OR

Jack Crawford Cup (M70)
Michael Beautyman, Lake Worth, FL
Les Buck, Henderson, NV
Jimmy R. Parker, Santa Fe, NM
Jody Rush, Tumwater, WA (Captain)

Bitsy Grant Cup (M75)
Joseph Bachmann, Sarasota, FL (Captain)
Fred W. Drilling, Estero, FL
Rudy Hernando, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ivo Barbic (to replace Leland Housman)

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80)
Gordon Hammes, Naples, FL
Jerald Hayes, Westfield, IN
Lester Sack, New Orleans, LA (Captain)
King Van Nostrand, Vero Beach, FL

New M85 Cup
Clement Hopp, Sarasota, FL
George J. McCabe, Sarasota FL
John Powless, Madison, WI (Captain)
Joseph Russell, Chagrin Falls, OH

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