Doubles Success in Barcelona

Draws are here.

Rosemary Everett and I had a good debut tournament, beating the tough combo of Julie Fidler and Erin Boynton in the 60 doubles final. We started well but they rebounded in the second set, changing their strategy and with no-ad scoring the second set came down to a couple of points, since there were four no-ad games in the second set and we won three of them. We played way in the back (court 33!) and the sun on that court at the time of day we played was brutal, similar to playing in the 40 hard courts in La Jolla in December. The courts at the club go at various angles, not all are directly north/south. We finished at a more reasonable time of 9:30 instead of near midnight.

Tonight Erin and I both play singles finals not before 6:30.

We tried getting a Cabify (similar to Uber or Lyft) after the match, around 10pm, but after waiting about 10 minutes, cancelled the ride as Erin found out where to get a taxi. The taxi took us on a circuitous route but was only a couple of euros more than the Cabify and actually picked us up and delivered us to our hotel.

Top left, Carolyn, Rosemary, Erin and Julie; tennis under the lights, Carolyn & Rosemary; Map of the Polo Club grounds

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