Draws for World Championships and Times Posted; Results from Friday

Date: Friday September 14, 2012

The Draws for the Individual World Championships have been posted (singles and mixed, doubles coming). Here’s the link.

Von Cramm; Paul Wulf fell in a tough match 26 75 64 against Germany at #2, Larry Turville won a tough one at #1 75 63 and then combined with Tony Dawson to win the doubles point 60 62 (against the same 2 singles players!), so USA advances to the final tomorrow against France, a winner 2/1 over Australia (with Australia narrowly losing a hard fought singles at #2 and Andrew Rae retiring in singles after a set).

Britannia; USA beat France 3/0 and plays Spain in the final tomorrow. Neely and Cheney won in straight sets; Johnson/Parker won a tough three setter.

Crawford: USA lost in the QF to Netherlands, dropping the deciding doubles point, a match which was held over from yesterday. Hernando/Brunkow played and it went three sets; They then played Canada in the 5-8 playoff and won both singles handily (Carter and Drilling played).

Bitsy Grant: USA beat Gr. Britain 3/0 to advance to the final. Ahlers and Sack won the singles in straight sets and Sears/Nelson won the doubles point in a close two setter. They play Germany tomorrow, who only clinched the tie in the third set tiebreak of the doubles. (Germany’s #2 player retired to his Czech opponent and did not play the doubles.)

Gardnar Mulloy: USA beat France 3/0; McCabe won in two tight sets; John Powless beat Henri Cruchet in three sets; Joe Russell/Saul Snyder won the doubles 62 62; super windy conditions. They play Canada, a 2/1 winner over Australia. Main went 3 sets at #1 with O’Brien and Sinclair, CAN, won in 3 sets at #2 singles; Australia won the doubles.

Alice Marble: USA beat Australia 3/0; Mary Ginnard won 4,1 over Gilchrest at #2 and Tina Karwasky won 1,2 over Ballard at #1 (a stellar performance under tough conditions…it only looked windy on one end of the court); Downing/Novack took the doubles point

Kitty Godfree: USA was tied at 1/1 with the Netherlands after yesterday’s play (which was delayed in starting due to rain). Today Betty Wachob/Brenda Carter won the doubles point 63 63 to advance to the semis against Gr. Britain. Betty Wachob today played singles and lost 63 63 to Jenny Waggot, while Brenda Carter won 75 76 against Frances MacClennan, with the doubles to be played. finished. Update: The USA and GBR are tied at 5-5 in the third set (called due to darkness). USA was up 52 in the third and has had 2 match points…

Althea Gibson: USA beat Spain 3/0; Cathie Anderson won convincingly at #2; Donna Fales dropped the first set in a close battle, then was leading 4/1 when her opponent retired with an injury; Charleen Hillebrand/Lurline Fujii Correction: Cathie Anderson/Donna Fales took the doubles point

Queens: Did not play; due to rain yesterday, their potential opponents had to play today, forcing their match over to Saturday; they will finish their cup on Sunday. They play Germany tomorrow, a 3/0 winner over So Africa.

Doris Hart: USA fell to Canada. Frontaine beat USA’s Jane Lutz 16 61 63; Rosie Asch CAN, beat USA’s Lucille Kyvallos 63 62; Conditions were wicked; USA team didn’t realize they played today till 9:30 (the start time) and had to rush to get ready. They did win the doubles point over Asch/Fontaine in 2 sets. Now they have to see how Netherlands does tomorrow…if Canada wins, USA places second, if Netherlands wins, it comes down to matches and possibly sets.

Godfree group photo, nice IMG_1394 IMG_1401 IMG_1416 IMG_1425 IMG_1445 IMG_1459 IMG_1473 IMG_1479

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    • Kathy, click on “order of play” and then the page with the draws and times comes up. I can’t link directly to that page, it’s just the way the TP software works. Try it! Thanks for letting me know.

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